Lush Lounge hosts David Chiu fundraiser.

BbEQZTgIQAAZdLa  Supporters of David Chiu for assembly threw an Ugly Sweater holiday party last night in Lush Lounge on Polk Street. While out a my own local watering hole McTeagues Saloon, I met a few of them on the street outside & decided to have a quick one on my way home at Lush lounge. Everyone was in a festive mood & yes many had some questionable sweaters on, all in the spirit of the party. But fun & games aside, this was a fundraiser. David Chiu is running for the California State Legislature to represent San Francisco’s 17th Assembly District in 2014. Everyone was having a great time and many stayed after the party wound down.

You can read more about Chiu’s running for assembly here.