Last call for BigFoot on Polk making way for Cabin

A thank you note on the front door of Bigfoot thanking regulars for their 11 year patronage.
A thank you note on the front door of Bigfoot thanking regulars for their 11 year patronage.

A well known spot on Polk street had it’s final last call early on Sunday morning (July 14th 2013). The Bigfoot lodge which opened in early 2002 was a well known watering hole in the central Polk corridor. The Bigfoot Lodge is actually a chain, all using the same name, based out of L.A. where their main venue is located. Getting a very hipster crowd over the years, due to it’s unique decor. A life size Sasquatch stands guard over it’s patrons at the end of the bar. The log cabin walls are adorned with stuffed animals and it featured a fake but realistic fire place.

But all that is about to change, David Zimmerman owner of F8 and the very successful Blackthorn in the Inner Sunset has just or is about to take over the bar. David tells me he is excited about the new direction the bar is about to take.  He wants to streamline the bar, bring in a new cocktail menu (Martini junkies watch this spot) and expand the Whiskey selection. He will be adding a couple more High Def TV’s and promoting Karaoke, Trivia night and some other patron orientated entertainment. He plans to have a earlier starting happy hour to cater for those after work people who need a stiff one after a hard days work.

David tells me that the bar will remain open during slight cosmetic changes, yes the stuffed animals will be gone, Bigfoot him/her self will also be exiting the venue. New booths will be installed, new bar stools & generally better seating for the patrons. (So there is a good chance there will be Big foot sighting on Polk street in the next few days).

Generally the bar will be more patron friendly, with a focus on good drinks and great service in relaxing surroundings. We are really looking forward to adding to the great atmosphere on Polk street.

David certainly does his homework when it comes to working with new neighbors and merchants, he had research done on previous businesses located at 1750 Polk, knowing the History of a place certainly helps when you are moving forward.