Palace of Fine Arts Swans

Swans at the Palace of Fine arts

Gayle Hagerty a Palace of Fine Arts caretaker needs you help with donations of canned whole corn to help feed the swans. Here is the request post from the Next Door website.

My name is Gayle Hagerty and I’m the Palace Of Fine Arts Swan caretaker. I have asked my friend to post this same notice as I’m not able to reach the Nextdoor marina from my account. I am asking anyone in the neighborhood of the palace or close area to please donate canned whole corn. Normally I purchased cases of corn and deliver them to the Gardner’s. But with food hoarding my source will not allow me to buy bulk cans of corn. Further I am in quarantine and cannot leave my house. This is why I’m asking for your help. Every single can is helpful. It can be gently put over the gate to the gardeners nursery. This is the gated chain-link fence closest to the parking lot in front of the old Exploratorium entrance. I’m posting a picture of what that gate looks like. Cans can also be rolled under the gate. I hope to be out of quarantine in 10 days providing I don’t get sick. I have left the contact info black as its already posted at Next Door.

Click the link below