Mayor Breed orders “No 4/20 celebrations in San Francisco.”

Mayor London Breed has ordered that there will be no 4/20 celebrations in San Francisco due the the current Shelter in Place orders.
“To be clear: 4/20 will not be tolerated this year. Do not come to San Francisco to celebrate. We will cite people. We will arrest people if necessary. Order food. Watch Netflix. Stay home and stay safe.”

The Mayor pulled no punches and made it very clear, during a Pandemic the city will not tolerate anyone visiting the city or attempting to attend any 4/20 gatherings this year. Officers will be on patrol and the usual areas like Robin Williams Meadows (Hippy Hill) will be fenced off.
People who ignore this order will be cited and/or arrested, to be clear those cited or arrested could face very high fines.

Breed is quoted as saying. “For your own health and safety, please do not come, please do not try to identify another location, It is not safe for us to gather in large groups of people, especially during a pandemic, because the consequences could be deadly. Maybe not for you directly, but maybe for your mother, your grandmother, or any other relative. So keep that in mind if you’re having any thoughts about potentially pushing for a gathering or celebration. Not just in San Francisco, but anywhere else throughout the Bay Area.”