3rd Annual Street Snuggie Pub Crawl – 2013

Get that Snuggie out of the Closet, because once again for the third year in a row, its the infamous “Snuggie Pub Crawl 2013“. This years event with your hostesses Helen and AdY who will be joining forces with the Non-Profit ALPHAbar, both organizations have a great following on Facebook and seems like a very appropriate alliance. The event will take place on Saturday March 9th, beginning at 4pm PST, remember to arrive early to collect your event wristbands. (2-4)

San Francisco ALPHAbar is a year-long social club meeting every other Wednesday night at 8 PM. Each season we start at the top of the alphabet and hit up bars on a bi-weekly basis until we’ve gone to a bar that has started with every letter of the alphabet (A-Z). Our mission is to tour SF, pack some cool bars, and most importantly make some new friends! (As stated on their Facebook info page!)

While the event so colorfully put it to “INVITE YOUR FRIENDS to BLACKOUT in Snuggies!” organizers and supporters are running this with charity in mind, as all funds raised will go to a well deserved non-profit called  SkiDUCK, that teaches underprivileged and disable children hot to ski or snowboard.

There will be prizes for …
1. Best Male
2. Best Female
3. Best couple or group
4. Sexy Snuggie

To purchase your wristband which allows you to get all the discounts and specials Click Here! Wristbands will be passed out on Polk St. from 2-4PM, event organizers will let you know where our table will be setup when you receive your wristband!

You don’t have to where a regular Snuggie, Slankets, backward robes, designer Snuggies and Snuggie™ knock-offs are welcome. Be creative with your Snuggie™, have fun with it. I suspect there may be several SF Giants Snuggies on hand due to the fact San Francisco Giants are the World Series Champs! All in all this is a very friendly affair, it starts early enough and does not run too late into the wee hours.

ALPHAbar RSVP here: http://www.facebook.com/events/515594635158257/

Official Sponsors:

Schedule & Specials:
R Bar
$2 Labatts
$2 Olympias
$3 Bud Light tall boys (16 oz)
$5 Fernet, Jameson or Fireball
$3 PALM Belgian Amber
$3 Estaminet Belgian Pilsner

$2 Labatts
$3 16oz. bud or bud lite
$4 Sailor jerry shot or drinks
$3 PALM Belgian Amber
$3 Estaminet Belgian Pilsner

$2 Labatts
$2 PBRs
$3 Draft beers until 7PM
$4 Pineapple Infused Vodka
$3 PALM Belgian Amber
$3 Estaminet Belgian Pilsner

$2 Labatts
$3 PALM Belgian Amber
$3 Estaminet Belgian Pilsner
*More specials TBA*

The rules are as follows
1. Snuggies may be shortened, cut, or altered but remember Without the large ridiculous sleeves, it might as well be a toga party.

The Snuggie™ can be purchased at any Walgreens, CVS, JCPenny’s, Costco, Kmart, Toys ‘R’ Us or Kohl’s

* MUST HAVE A VALID ID and be 21 & UP TO ATTEND EVENT, Along with Ticket Purchase *

** Disclaimer: The organizers for this event are not liable for any stupid decisions the participant(s) choose to make during or after this event. Please Drink Responsibly!!! **