Serial window breaker in the Neighborhood?


Michele Mandell (@michelemandell) on Twitter
Photo courtesy of Michele Mandell @michelemandell via Twitter

Over the past few days we have heard news that three different merchants windows have been broken by a as yet unknown assailant or assailants. Today Friday March 15th at some time in the wee hours, someone broke the window at Jeet Big Time, 1444 Polk Street, San Francisco. The perpetrator according to the owner took several items which were on display in the front window. One should note that while the items in question were not that expensive compared to the window itself being plate glass and the fact that it was a large window could cost the owner or landlord thousands to replace. This is not an isolated incident, a few days earlier Brownies Hardware had a similar incident happen to one of its windows. Bare in mind both theses businesses are with in two blocks of each other.

Jeet Big Time, 1444 Polk Street, San Francisco with the new wooden glass merchants have been trying out of late


And we are not done yet, Biondivino’s in Russian Hill, on Green Street just off Polk had there window broken while the owner Ceri Smith was still in the premises none the less. At approx 12:30am on Saturday 9th of March a assailant described as wearing a blue hoodie with blonde hair and was about 5’9″ in height. Its worth noting that like many of her neighbors including Brownies, Smith has a “Save Polk Street” sign displayed in her window and was curious if this was retaliation from someone on the other side of the fence. This is purely speculation of course but none the less worth noting.


Now while none of these incidents may or may not be connected, merchants and neighbors should be weary of their surroundings especially late at night. If you see something or someone out of the ordinary, (yes I know this is Polk street) then you should call the SFPD and report it. If we are all vigilant and practice being good neighbors then I’m sure these malicious vandal/s shall be brought to justice soon enough.