Polk Street Bar ban Approved.

IMG_0909.JPGWell its official, the city has voted unanimously to ban any new bars from opening on the lower Polk street corridor, between O’Farrell and California streets. The subject of rowdy crowds making too much noise well into the wee hours has been ongoing for the past few years. I have been outspoken in support of the the many night life spots on lower Polk in the past, that does not change, I believe that they and they alone were the catalyst that made Polk street the livable area that it is today. I could go on about how Polk street was a waste land as little as 10 years ago, but no point in beating that drum, since it seems to fall on deaf ears, especially to those who recently moved into out gulch. Don’t get me wrong, all our new neighbors are most welcome to our humble neck of the woods and I would like to see folks be a little more respectful when out on the town here, especially on the school nights, we kinda expect Friday and Saturday nights to be rowdy, they are big revenue nights for the merchants here, cafes, restaurants and stores alike make a good from the bar scene run off, trickle down economy on a smaller scale.
Our district supervisor also Board President David Chiu, who represents the area made a number of changes to the legislation in response to criticism from merchants. The supervisor eliminated a proposed restriction requiring a special permit for live music and other entertainment. Chiu also dropped a restriction that would have forced new restaurants serving alcohol to close by midnight, I personally like this because it allows eateries with alcohol licenses to compete freely with other businesses on Polk street. About 45 alcohol permits already exist in the roughly six block stretch.
There was no doubt in my mind that the measure would pass, like Chiu said, they are trying to find a balance between a healthy Night life and creating a safe environment where everyone can feel safe and neighbors are respected. Lower Polk Neighbors, whose chairman, Ron Case also fully supported the measure. I recall in the past few weeks someone saying “Is Nob Hill a new Las Vegas?” well obviously that person has never been to Vegas, for one thing, Vegas is where more expensive now and secondly Polk street does actually sleep every now and again.