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Northern Station Newsletter
Captain Greg McEachern
Captain’s Comments:
July 17, 2014

Northern Station officers worked hard through late June and the month of July hosting the Gay Pride events at Civic Center and the Fillmore Jazz Festival the Fourth of July weekend. The Pride festivities drew upwards of 750,000 additional visitors to the city for the festivities and officers working the festival and patrol we’re busy keeping the streets of our city safe. Overall, I was extremely proud of all the officers who worked that weekend as they exemplified professionalism and dedication to public service while maintaining public safety during some challenging times. The Fillmore Jazz Festival was a well attended and overall successful event the Fourth of July weekend where we saw tens of thousands of people enjoying great food, great music, and great activity. There was very minimal criminal activity in the area and the organizers and the public we’re able to enjoy a festive and safe event enjoyed by many. This weekend the Northern District will host the J-Pop Summit and Street Fair in Japan Town. The J-Pop street fair celebrates Japanese culture in film, music, dance and fashion. The event will take place both Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm and will occur in Peace Plaza and on Post Street in Japan Town. During the weekend of August 2nd and 3rd, Japan Town will also host the Nihonmachi Festival. The festival will also celebrate Japanese culture and will have crafts, food, and activities from the Japanese culture. I encourage anyone who is interested in these great events to attend and partake in the rich culture of the Japanese community.
The department is in the process of updating the programming system which provides our crime statistics and thus the crime statistics for the month of June are delayed. I expect they will be out shortly and I will provide the current crime statistics for Northern station in my next newsletter. Below are the crime statistics both city wide and in the Northern District through May 31, 2014.

Burglary, Store, Unlawful Entry 1700 Van Ness Ave 07/13/14 1721Hrs
Officers were on routine patrol in the area of Van Ness Ave and Sacramento Street when they were flagged down by a citizen. The citizen was very upset and pointing at a grey vehicle telling the officers that his store was just burglarized. The officers saw two male suspects get into a vehicle and speed away. The officers attempted to stop the vehicle by activating their lights and siren, but the driver of the vehicle refused to stop. The officers broadcast the description of the vehicle and requested additional officers to the area.
The vehicle continued to flee from the officers. The passenger of the vehicle got out and started to run on foot. One officer got out on foot and chased after the subject while the other officer continued after the driver of the vehicle. With the assistance of additional officers both suspects were taken into custody without further incident. The victim from the store was able to positively identify the suspects. The suspects were transported to Northern Station for further investigation. The suspects were later booked at County Jail for several charges.

Methamphetamine Offense, 100 block of Fell Street 07/14/14 0026hrs
An officer was on routine patrol in the area and has prior knowledge of ongoing complaints from the residents in the area regarding narcotic sales during the day and night. The officer has made numerous arrests in the area due to street level sales and use of illegal narcotics. The officer spotted a suspect who she has had prior contact with. The officer saw in plain view that the suspect had a baggie of suspected crystal Methamphetamine. The officer placed the suspect under arrest and transported him to Northern Station for further investigation. The officer tested the suspected narcotics which had a positive test result for Methamphetamine. The officer completed a thorough investigation and later booked the suspect at County Jail for the narcotics offense.

Driving under the influence of Alcohol, Webster/Fell Street 07/14/14 2336hrs
Officers were in full uniform and driving a marked police vehicle when they were dispatched to Webster and Fell Street regarding avehicle stopped in the intersection. When the officers arrived they approached the vehicle and saw that the driver was unconscious behind the wheel. The officers could immediately smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the driver’s breath and interior of the vehicle. The driver showed obvious signs of someone who is intoxicated. The officers detained the driver for further investigation. The officer conducted a field sobriety test on the driver, which the driver was unable to perform successfully. The officer placed the driver under arrest for suspected DUI. The suspect was transported back to Northern Station for further investigation and later booked at County Jail.

Theft from Building, Warrant Arrest, Fillmore/O’Farrell 07/15/14 1007hrs
Officers were in full uniform and working routine patrol when they were dispatched to Starbucks Coffee regarding a theft. When the officers arrived they met with an employee who told them that a male suspect took an orange juice and left without paying for the juice. The employee followed the suspect outside and told him to give back the juice. The suspect refused and threw the juice at the employee and kicked her in the leg. The employee struggled with the suspect and told the other employee’s to call police. The officers arrived and took custody of the suspect. Further investigation revealed that the suspect had an outstanding felony warrant for his arrest. The officers transported the suspect to County Jail where he was later booked.

Stolen Property, Theft from Building, 300blk Fulton Street 07/15/14 0743hrs
Officers were in full uniform and driving a marked police vehicle when they were dispatched to the 300 block of Fulton Street regarding a theft. When officers arrived they met with the victim who stated that a male suspect took her green jacket and computer tablet. The suspect ran out of the door. The victim chased after the suspect but then lost him in the area. The victim walked back to her apartment and called the police. The victim provided the officers with a good description of the suspect. Officers searched the area and located the suspect a few blocks away. The victim positively identified the suspect as the one who took her property. The officers recovered the victim’s property and returned it to her. The suspect was transported to Northern Station for further investigation. The officers conducted an interview with the suspect and he told the officers that the property did not belong to him. The suspect was transported to County Jail and booked accordingly.

Probation Violation, Methamphetamine Offense, 400 blk of Page 07/15/14 1314hrs
Northern Station housing officers were in full uniform and on patrol in the area when they saw two subjects they recognized and knew were on probation. The officers also had prior knowledge that one of the suspects has a stay away order from the area the officers saw him walking in. The officers stopped and detained both subjects. The officers did a computer check on the subjects which revealed they were on probation. The officers conducted a probation search of the subject and located unknown pills, suspected marijuana, and suspected methamphetamine. The officers transported the subjects to Northern Station for further investigation. At Northern Station the officers conducted a presumptive test on the narcotics which revealed a positive result. The subjects were later transported to County Jail and booked accordingly.

Resisting Police Officer, Restraining Order Notification Grove/Buchanan 07/15/14 1416hrs
Officers were in full uniform and on routine patrol when they were dispatched to the above area. When officers arrived they met with the victim who informed them they had a restraining order against the subject. The suspect was violating his restraining order as he was in the building of where the victim lived. The officers detained the suspect to investigation the restraining order. While the officers were talking with the suspect they did a computer check on him. The computer revealed the suspect had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. The officers told the suspect to put his hands behind his back but he refused. After several attempts to gain compliance the suspect clenched his fists and started to yell and fight with the officers. The officers called for additional officers to respond and were finally able to take him into custody without further incident. The suspect continued to yell and scream and was showing signs of altered mental status. The officers called for an ambulance and had the suspect transported to SFGH. The officers followed and cited and released the suspect to the hospital for a medical and psychiatric evaluation.