800 Larkin – Jewel in the Tenderloin

800 Larkin: For those of you new to The Polk Street Experience, one should never discount the side or parallel streets. Even though they are off the beaten track some of these venues have some great character and the prices are a lot better on your wallet or purse.
Nestled on the corner of Larkin and O’Farrell is a well known local bar aptly named 800 Larkin, (Formally OSB). This watering hole does not look like much from the exterior especially since we are not exactly in the best neighborhood in the city, but it’s one of the local area’s that has improved over time. However once you walk in your entire preconceptions will change.
Sleek leather furniture and decor to match is what awaits you. There are even two Matrix style chairs with lamp included where you can decide weather to take the blue pill or the red. (Drugs are for Mugs)

The bar itself is occupied by extremely attractive bartenders specifically on the weekends that includes the owner Martina the wonderful owner. If you were to combine all the most experienced bartenders in San Francisco, every one of them would know her name.
The outer edges of the loin are changing just like the rest of the city, be it at a far slower rate. The loin is slowly being constricted, the Tech industry has left no stone unturned in it’s hunt for residences, this street is no exception. Best night to come by is Friday night when Martina is tending bar herself. You won’t even realize you in the loin. Happy hour here is probably about the best prices for the neighborhood considering this is the tenderloin they are pretty low. This also the main meet up venue for the Great American Music Hall just half a block away, if there is a good show on there, you can guarantee before & after the gig 800 Larkin will be full of music fans.