That Nob Hill Serial Hipster Groper has been Caught. (UPDATED)

UPDATE:  July 17, 2015

San Francisco, CA — A man who police identified as the “Nob Hill Groper” has been cleared of charges after it was determined he was at work during several attacks, San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi announced today.

On July 2, prosecutors dismissed the sexual assault case against 40-year-old Victor Vasquez-Cid, 40. Vasquez-Cid had been in jail since his March 11 arrest, said his attorney, Deputy Public Defender Sangeeta Sinha.

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 14-090_Sexual_battery_suspect_sketch(Original Story) Ladies frequenting Nob hill can feel a little safer now, that Serial Groper we reported on a while back has finally been caught by the SFPD. San Francisco police arrested 39-year-old Victor Vasquez who is believed to be responsible for sexually assaulting more than a dozen women in Nob Hill starting back in August of 2014. 

 Lt. Ed Santos of the San Francisco Police Department, said that Vasquez would see a woman he found attractive and walk up to her and touch her breasts or genitals, “whichever would satisfy his urge,” says Lt. Santos. Police say all the attacks were random & he targeted women of different races. The only common factor is that the attacks took place in Nob Hill, where Vasquez resided. Attacks took place at different times, day or night.