Police Blotter

Burglary Vehicle, Warrant Arrest, Fillmore/Pine, 5-1-16, 1950hrs

Northern Station Street Crimes Unit were working in plainclothes capacity and patrolling the Northern District in an unmarked vehicle. The officers were parked on Steiner Street when dispatch broadcast an auto burglary that just occurred at the above location. A minute later a beige Lexus drove south on Steiner at the same time that SFPD Dispatch put out the description of the suspect vehicle. The officers saw the vehicle that passed them on Steiner matched the description that dispatch gave. The officers followed and caught up to the vehicle and pulled in front of it. The officers got out of their vehicle and identified themselves as police officers and took custody of the driver and passenger without further incident. Several other officers arrived on scene to assist. Officers located several witnesses at Fillmore and Pine who positively identified the occupants of the vehicle as the ones who broke into the parked car. Officers located a small flashlight and a window punch devise on the suspects. The suspects often carry these items to easily break glass windows of vehicles during the commission of an auto burglary. The officers took photos of the suspects and vehicle and transported them back to Northern Station for further investigation. Other officers located the victim vehicle and the owners of the vehicle. The victim informed the officers that they were missing several items from their vehicle. The officers searched the interior of the suspect vehicle and located the victim’s items that were stolen. The victims were able to get their property back. The officers did a computer check on both suspects. One of the suspect’s had a suspended license, and the other had an outstanding warrant for her arrest. After a thorough investigation the suspects were transported to County Jail for booking. The suspect’s vehicle was towed to Auto Return.


Robbery with Force, Probation Violation, 1100 Fillmore, 5-5-16, 1437hrs

Officers were informed by an Inspector from our investigations team of a subject who was wanted for a robbery that occurred on 5-4-16. The officers gathered the suspect description and photo of the suspect and went out on patrol. The officers spotted a suspect who matched the description standing on the 1100 block of Fillmore Street. With information in hand the officers stopped and detained the suspect. The photo the officers were carrying matched the suspect. The officers took custody of the suspect without incident and walked him back to Northern Station. The suspect was wearing some of the same clothing that he wore when he committed the burglary. The officers seized the suspects clothing for evidence and gave him a property receipt. The Inspector handling the robbery case was notified that the suspect was in custody and took over the investigation. The suspect was later transported to County Jail where he was booked accordingly.


Firearm Possession, Van Ness/Golden Gate, 5-6-16 0410hrs

A Northern Sergeant was in uniform and patrolling the area when he spotted a male subject riding a bmx bicycle in front of him. The officer observed the male traveling through three different stop signs without stopping. The officer stopped and detained the subject and asked him for his California Identification which the subject stated he could not provide. The officers asked several other questions to figure out his identity to be able to issue him a citation. The officer noticed that the longer he was talking to the subject the more nervous the suspect acted. Due to this behavior the officer requested a backup unit to respond. When the suspect saw the backup unit pull up on scene the suspect took off on his trying to escape. The officers chased after the suspect for several minutes. The suspect got off his bike and then started running. While he was running he took off the back pack that he was wearing and threw it over a fence. The officers were able to catch up to the suspect, tackle him to the ground and take him into custody without further incident. The officers retrieved the backpack and located a loaded firearm and additional ammunition. The officers searched the subject and located a clear plastic baggie containing suspected Methamphetamine in his front pocket. The officers transported the suspect to Northern Station for further investigation. A computer check of the suspect revealed he was on felony probation and had multiple prior felony convictions for a variety of other offenses. While at Northern Station the suspect complained of shortness of breath and pain to his back. The officers called for an ambulance to respond and the suspect was transported to the hospital for treatment. After the suspect was treated and released from the hospital the officer transported him to County Jail for booking.


Theft, Other Property, Franklin/Chestnut, 5-9-16 0933hrs

Officers were on uniform patrol in the area when they were dispatched to a possible mail theft in progress. While en route the officers were flagged by the 911 caller who pointed out two female suspects that he saw taking mail. The officers took the two female suspects into custody without incident. The 911 caller told the officers that he was out walking his dog when he saw both female suspects opening mailboxes taking the mail inside and placing it into their back pack. The officers did a computer check on both suspects and learned that one of the suspects also had an outstanding warrant for her arrest for theft. The officers also located a screwdriver and Allen wrench on one of the suspects. These types of tools are often used to commit thefts or burglaries. The officers took photos of the mail and mailboxes. There was no damage to the mailboxes. After a thorough investigation the officers transported the two female suspect to Northern Station. The suspects were later transported to County Jail for booking.


Warrant Arrest, Narcotics Paraphernalia, Polk/Ellis, 5-12-16 0230hrs

Officers were on uniform patrol in the area and driving a marked police vehicle. The officers observed two males behind a vehicle inside of a parking lot making a hand to hand exchange of an unknown object. The officers know this area to be a high volume area for narcotics, narcotic deals, and vehicle burglaries. The officers believed the two males were possibly making a narcotics transaction. The officers entered the parking lot and detained the two males without incident. The officers identified one of the subjects by his California Driver’s license. The officers did a computer check on him and cleared him of any outstanding warrants. The subject was advised and released from the scene. The second suspect was positively identified through his San Francisco Mugshot photo. A computer check revealed that he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest for parole violation and burglary. The officers took custody of the suspect and conducted an arrest search. The officers located a clear glass pipe with a burnt end inside his front pants pocket. The also located a spark plug chip inside his pocket. Based on the officers’ training and experience they know that glass pipes are commonly used to smoke crack cocaine and spark plugs are used as tools to break windows of vehicles. The officers transported the subject to Northern Station and later booked at County Jail.


Warrant Arrest, Geary/Fillmore 5-12-16 1539hrs

Northern Officers were on uniform patrol in the area when they saw a subject standing in the area of Fillmore/Geary. The officer recognized the subject from prior contacts and his San Francisco Mugshot photo. The officers had prior knowledge that the subject was on parole and had an outstanding parole violation warrant. The officers stopped and took the subject into custody without incident and transported him to Northern Station. The officers confirmed the warrant. The subject was later transported to County Jail for booking.


Burglary, Vehicle 3601 Lyon Street 5-12-16 1300hrs

Northern Station undercover street crimes unit were in the area doing a surveillance operation for auto burglaries that have plagued the area. The officers took position and spotted a green Honda driving slowly through the Palace of Fine Arts and park in an open parking spot. The driver of the vehicle got out and the officers immediately recognized the driver from prior arrests and he is known as a habitual auto burglar. The officers watched him as he walked up to a blue Toyota that was parked. The suspect kept looking around and over his shoulder. Then he cupped his hands over his eyes and looked inside the vehicle. He walked away and then returned to the Toyota. The suspect approached the rear window and with an unknown object pushed against the window causing it to shatter. The suspect then reached inside the vehicle and pulled something out. He got back into his green Honda and drove away. The officers moved in and conducted a traffic stop. They took custody of the suspect without incident. The officers searched the vehicle for stolen property to no avail. The officers located the owner of the victim vehicle who informed the officers that nothing appeared to have been missing from inside the vehicle. The officers transported the suspect and the green Honda he was driving to Northern Station. A computer check revealed the suspect has two open burglary court cases and is currently out on bail. After a thorough investigation the suspect was booked at County Jail and the vehicle was released to the registered owner from Northern Station.


Controlled Substance, Possession for Sale, 240 Golden gate Ave, 5-12-16 1820hrs

Officers were on routine patrol in the area when they were flagged down by a citizen. The citizen told the officers that he was walking down the street and accidently dropped his headphones on the sidewalk. The citizen stated a male suspect picked up his headphones and refused to give it back to him. At that moment the citizen saw the officers and informed them of the incident. The citizen pointed out the suspect to the officers. The officers stopped and detained the suspect. The suspect told the officers that he didn’t have the headphones and said “Man I was just trying to do some crack!” The suspect then displayed a tiny amount of white rock like substance of suspected cocaine on his finger and then dropped in on the ground. The officers believed the suspect had additional cocaine on his person and took him into custody. The officers searched the suspect and located a bag that contained multiple individual wrapped baggies of suspected cocaine, twisted in knots, and suspected black tar heroin. The suspect did not have any narcotics paraphernalia on his person. Based on the amount of suspected cocaine and suspected heroin, and the way the narcotics were individually weighed and packaged, the officers believed the suspect was in possession for sales. The officers did not locate the citizen’s headphones. The citizen did not want any further police action. The officers seized the narcotics and transported the suspect to Northern Station for further investig