Where on Polk to watch our Giants?

 Okay there are quite a few haunts to watch the San Francisco Giants play in the World Series on Polk street, but where are the best joints, taking into account HDTV’s, big screens, fans, accessibility, libations etc etc. you get the gist.

Lower Polk.

McTeagues Saloon, it has multiple screens behind the bar and in the back bar, loads of seating and the crowd is very fan based, probably the best cross section on Polk street as a whole in my humble opinion. Drinks are very fairly priced here, Lone Star for $2 during happy hour which ain’t bad at all. They play the sound of course but what I also like about this place is that they play music during all the commercials, nice touch.

Maye’s Oyster House & Cocktail Joint, it may be a bit more relaxed, but they have many screens, a full kitchen and of course the $1 Oysters, plenty of very comfortable seating to booth.

Quetzal, yes while not a bar, it does sell beers as well as really good coffee, but it boasts a very large projection screen on the back wall, basically the entire wall.

Lush Lounge, I really like this place, its all the wood, just screams grab a bruzki, sit down and chant “Lets Go Giants!”

Moving along…

Mid Polk.

For sake of argument mid Polk for me is between California and Broadway streets, get it?

Pickings are slim here as its mostly food joints, with just a couple of bars…

The Bigfoot Lodge, really nice venue, great beer selection and ain’t too expensive, staff are really friendly here too.

Cinch, the last gay bar on Polk street, for those of you who did not know, Polk street used to have quite a few gay bars. Anyway this is a great bar, really friendly staff and great prices.

Upper Polk.

Am I going to say it? Yes I am!

Greens Sports Bar, every upper Polk resident knows this is the only place to watch our Giants if you live in the hood, it is a sports bar in every definition of what a sorts should be, lots of beers to choose from as well as screens and seating.

Off the Beaten Track…

Venturing off Polk street, but not far afield, on California we have The Wreck Room, a recent addition to our neighborhood, very spacious and plenty of screens.

Now I’m only mentioning the above venues but there are many more to choose from, but if you are going to venture out to one of there joints, get there early if you want a seat, particularly Mcteagues and Greens, those two are my top choices on the entire length of Polk street, they both cater for sports, large crowds and have a great selection of beers and spirits, at really good prices.

Final Words…

Go Giants!!!