3 New Additions to Polk street Nightlife

Lower Polk street (Polk Gulch) already a bustling night spot destination has recently added three more venues for both food and drink. All three additions coincidentally replace closed venues either at the same address or close by that have moved.



Playland Bar:
1351 Polk Street, San Francisco, (415-440-7529)  formally the location of Kimo’s  which was completely gutted to make room for this new night/day spot and they certainly spared no expense. They have a large upstairs area, which is usually open on the weekends, their Hours, Mon-Fri 4 pm – 2 am, Sat-Sun 2 pm – 2 am. The bar on the ground floor is smaller but more cozy with high  tables by the windows. I have to say this is a very nicely designed venue and a definite place to hit up on the weekends. Pl<a href=


Hi Lo Club:
1423 Polk Street, San Francisco, (415-885-4788)  formally KoKo’s which was located on Geary street, now closed but re-branded as a new trendy dive bar in Nob Hill. You will find many of the former Koko staff behind the bar between the hours, Mon-Sat 4 pm – 2 am. There is a very vintage look and feel to this establishment and I for one love it. It is kind of easy to miss this place as you walk by it, there are no illuminated signs and it has very dark appearance when looking at it from the side walk. Once you walk in there is a long bar on the left and an ample supply of booths on the right. Simplicity has never looked so good and these guys nailed it.









1160 Polk St, San Francisco, (415-931-1797) Mon-Sun 4 pm – 12 am, this is the most recent addition to our trifecta, the location is the former location of Ozone Thai restaurant upstairs from Vertigo Bar. While they do server beer and wine, from the name you can derive they have a unique but plentiful supply of ciders on hand. They have a delicious bar menu with generous portions, menu has yet to added to their site but you should try the sliders, they have a variety of share plates, salads, and flat-breads to boot. They will also be hosting live music events in the future. This is a unique addition to the growing diverse lower Polk street nightlife scene.