Affordable Fresh Fruit, Veggies and Meats on Polk.

Golden Veggie 1475 Polk street. (415) 771-9099

Golden Veggie on Polk street a very recent but very welcomed store by many of the locals who have begun to shop here, myself included. One can actively see and hear the customers joy at the wide selection of fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and a full butcher counter (Yes I said Butcher Counter). You will not find a wide selection of canned foods here, but this is not that kind of grocery store.

Many items here are intended for you to cook or prepare healthy meals and snacks. You will find some of the cheapest organic food selections, brand names that you may not recognize but they are well known elsewhere. They have a marvelous cheese and dairy section, which includes healthy choices. Every time I have shopped here, I end up going home with more than I actually whet in for in the first place, produce here is that tempting including fresh coconuts which they will crack open for you in store.

I like to describe this place as a super deli that does not make sandwiches, even though you can buy prepared ones from the stand up refrigerators. But one of the best reasons to shop here is their prices, they are the best I’ve seen in San Francisco, I purchased 10 items from here two of which I cannot buy anywhere locally and compared the prices to the next closest store, (Big Apple Discount Center) and I was gobsmacked that it would have cost me almost $10 more?

Now that being said Big Apple Discount Center has a larger more contemporary selection of grocery items and Whole Foods also in the neighborhood has a bigger selection of fresh foods and specialized items, but if your wallets or purses cannot afford to shop in the larger stores on a regular basis, then I really suggest you try Golden Veggie on Polk St. by California, you will not be disappointed.