Public Meeting Polk Street Corridor Improvements. April 27th & 30th 2013!

polk2For those of you whom attended the Save Polk Street public meeting a few weeks ago, you might be interested in attending SFMTA sponsored meetings on both Saturday April 27th and Tuesday April 30, 2013. “The SFMTA will be hosting two open house meetings to explore the opportunities and challenges of various options for enhancing the safety and attractiveness of Polk Street. The meetings will be identical in scope, and we(SFMTA) hope that by providing two meeting time options we will give ample opportunity for public input. Feel free to drop in during the posted times to learn more and share your feedback.” That was taken from the SFMTA website which you can read in full here. polk1

Weather you are for, against or on the rails, this will be an important community meeting to try and attend. Lets hope there is enough room at 1300 Polk St by Bush t the First Congregational Church Fellowship Hall. A smaller venue that the SPS meeting so lets hope everyone does not arrive at one particular meeting? I was surprised at getting a postcard advertising these SFMTA meetings, BTW this is the first meeting that I have been notified by mail as a resident of the neighborhood, so I’m sure many others will have gotten the same notification.

On a well kinda of ironic note, the Postman delivered three items today, the SFMTA notification, My new Lezyne Road drive Bike pump and a parking ticket for a house mate. I coined the Hash Tag #KarmaSeeksBallance, it just popped into my head as soon as I saw all three together. Had a nice chuckle too.

I had a good chuckle when I saw all three items arriving together, pictured are my pump and postcard.