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Northern Station Newsletter
Captain Greg McEachern
May 1, 2013 #13-9

Captain’s Comments: In light of the recent terrorist bombing during the Boston Marathon it is imperative we all become more observant of suspicious activity that may lead to terrorist activity. While suspicious activity in and of itself does not indicate terrorist activity suspicious activity may be an indicator. Moreover, your eyes and ears are necessary to observe suspicious activity so that law enforcement can respond and investigate. The more eyes and ears observing and reporting activity that we have, the greater the chance we have of foiling a potential terrorist attack. To aid you in understanding and reporting suspicious activity, the Department of Home Land Security, in cooperation with local and state agencies, has adopted and promoted the “See Something Say Something” campaign. Below are tips for each of you related to the campaign and I hope they are useful to aid you in observing and reporting suspicious activity. To aid you in remembering as many details as possible the tips are in the acronym “SALUTE.”

What To Do If You Spot Suspicious Terrorist Activity if you see suspicious behavior, do not confront the individual involved.

Take notes of details:
S Size (Jot down the number of people, gender, ages, and physical description)
A Activity (Describe exactly what they are doing)
L Location (Provide exact location)
U Uniform (Describe what they are wearing including shoes)
T Time (Provide date, time, and duration of activity)
E Equipment (Describe vehicle, make, color, etc, license plate, guns, etc)
Suspicious activity is often recalled after an event. We must train ourselves to be on the lookout for things that are out of the ordinary and arouse suspicions.
City Wide and Northern District Crime Statistics Year-to-Date 2013
City Wide
Violent Crime +6%
Property Crime +14%
Northern Station
Violent Crime +4%
Property Crime +45%

The Line-Up is a crime prevention tool that allows the public to get involved through social media. The goal is to get
the public involved in solving cold case files by watching and identifying video surveillance of suspects committing
crimes. Contact information will be listed on the site and the public can be anonymous if they choose. The San
Francisco Police Department will be releasing one video per week of suspect(s) involved in a criminal act.
Remember, you have the power to make a difference in our community. Be a crime fighter and help us in
identifying these criminals. The weekly videos can be accessed at the sf-police.org website and by clicking on the
“line-up” icon at the bottom of the first page.

**The officers of Northern Station work hard each and every day to keep the streets safe for
everyone. They are making some excellent arrests. Here is a small snapshot of what they are
doing. I encourage you to log on to the SFPD website and under ‘compstat’ you will find a link to
‘crime maps’ that will provide very timely crime information and a greater accounting.

Aggravated Assault, W/ a Knife, 4/13/13 12:35 Am Polk/Bush. Officers responded to the above area regarding a male going wild, and vandalizing vehicles in the area. The caller gave a good description and direction of travel for the subject. One witness was following the subject until police arrived. The witness directed the officers to the male. As the officers approached the male inside their vehicle, the subject threw an alcohol bottle that almost hit their car. The subject knocked over several objects on the sidewalk, signs, outdoor furniture, etc. The subject was yelling at the officers and making shooting gestures with his hands. The officers exited the patrol car, and the subject’s demeanor turned more aggressive. The subject attempted to “square off” against the officers. The subject put up his hands with his fists closed. The officers were able to take the subject to the ground and handcuff him without further incident. The officers searched the male and found a small knife in his pocket. The officers met with a person who claimed to have been stabbed by the subject. The victim was walking when the subject approached him. The subject appeared to want to start a conversation. The subject approached from behind and “poked” the victim with something in the back, yelling, “DIE”. The victim felt a sudden pain in his lower back, and the subject attempted to run away. The victim continued to watch the subject as he walked away, breaking and throwing whatever items got in his way. The subject broke several car windows in his continued outburst. Officers got the victim medical attention for the puncture wound. Officers were able to retrieve video evidence from several nearby cameras. The subject was booked at Northern Station.

Robbery, Street or Public Place, W/ Force, 4/13/13 12:55 Pm Golden Gate/Steiner St. Officers responded to the above area regarding a robbery that had just occurred. Assisting officers were able to meet with the victim. The victim gave the officers a good description of the suspect and told them that the suspect got onto a Muni bus. The officers were able to track the bus down and stop it. Officers detained the subject as he tried to run from the rear door of the bus. The officers noticed the subject was sweating profusely from his face and arms. The subject was breathing heavily and appeared very nervous. The victim was able to identify the subject as the same man that robbed her. The victim told the officers that she was texting on the street when someone grabbed the phone out of her left hand. She said that another person pushed her from behind, causing her to fall and scraping her knees. She got up and was able to catch up to the subjects. She demanded her phone back. They said that they didn’t have it. She was able to have another person notify the police. The officers were not able to locate her phone. The subject was transported to and later booked at Northern Station.

Stolen Vehicle, Hit and Run Accident W/ Injury, Possession of Stolen Property, Driving W/ a Suspended License Arrest, 4/14/13 7:23 Am Larkin/Ellis Officers responded to the above area regarding a hit and run accident. The caller stated that the driver that caused the accident flagged down a taxi cab and was removing several bags of items from his car. The subject was attempting to flee the accident scene via the cab. A witness blocked the cab in with his vehicle until the police arrived. The driver of the other vehicle appeared injured and was not able to exit her car. The subject from the first vehicle made no attempt to check on the well being of the other driver. After the subject was detained, a witness told officers that she took a picture of the subject with her tablet computer. The subject saw her do this and got angry. He came over and took the tablet computer from her hands. The officers ran a computer check on the vehicle, which had been reported “lost” by San Pablo PD. A further investigation of the car revealed that it was embezzled from the rightful owner. A check of the car’s interior revealed an “airsoft” pistol in the passenger’s floorboard. The driver and passenger were transported to Northern Station. The other injured driver was medically treated. The passenger was released from Northern Station, but the driver was booked on the above charges.

Firearm, Possession by Prohibited Person, Possession of a Loaded Firearm, Resisting Police Officer, Warrant Arrest, 4/14/13 7:39 Pm Fillmore/Golden Gate. Officers were advised at lineup that on the previous day that a subject ran from officers from the violence reduction team. During the chase the subject discarded a loaded firearm. The Northern Station officers knew the subject was and knew places that he would frequent. They shortly had him in custody, and booked him on numerous charges at Northern Station.

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol Arrest, 4/14/13 9:27 Pm 1000 Block of Ellis St. Officers responded to the above area regarding an accident with a possible drunk driver behind the wheel. Officers arrived on scene and were directed to the female driver. They immediately notice a strong smell of an alcoholic beverage emanating from her person and breath. She told the officers that she had been at a club earlier and had consumed two beers. The officers attempted to have the female perform field sobriety tests. She refused to perform the FST’s, stating the she has “bad co-ordination”. The driver of the second vehicle told police that the subject had been driving the wrong way on a one way street, and had run into her car head-on. The subject was given a blood alcohol test and later booked at County jail.

Stolen Vehicle Arrest, 4/16/13 4:20 Pm Turk/Laguna. Officers on uniformed patrol were in the above area conducting random computer checks on vehicles parked in the area. The computer returned a hit on the license plate of a reported stolen vehicle. The officers slowed down and the vehicle moved from its parked position and out into the roadway. The car attempted to make an immediate turn in an apparent attempt to evade the officer’s attention. The officers were able to catch up to the vehicle and conduct a traffic stop on the car. The driver removed the keys from the ignition and threw them out the window. He then exited the car. The officers had the male detained without further incident. The driver told the officers that he had purchased the car legally and he showed them a handwritten “bill of sale”, on a piece of binder paper. Assisting officers recovered the thrown keys and found that it was a “filed” key. This is where a car thief files down the teeth of a key so that it may work in numerous similar make and model cars. Officers got into contact with the owner who told them that she did not sell her car, and that it in fact was stolen. The victim told the officers that she wanted the subject arrested for stealing her car. The officers took numerous photos of the car. The subject and all evidence was booked at Northern Station. Officers were able to return the car to its rightful owner.

Vehicle Burglary, Cocaine, Base/Rock Offense, Warrant Arrest, 4/20/12 7:52 Pm 1500 Block of Pine St. Officers responded to a call of a male that had just broken into a car and fled the area on a bicycle. The caller gave a good description of the male and direction that he fled. Assisting plain clothes officers detained the subject. The caller said that her car was parked right behind the victim vehicle. She saw the subject peer into the car, open the unlocked door and steal a tan leather briefcase from the car. The witness watched the subject get onto his bike and flee the area. She was able to positively identify the subject stating “That’s absolutely him, 100%”. The officers attempted to contact the car owner; with negative results. The officers left a follow up form with a case number on the vehicle. The subject was transported to Northern Station, where he was booked.

Burglary, Residence, Unlawful Entry, Vehicle Burglary, Possession of Stolen Property Arrest, 4/21/13 2:00 Am 600 Block of Larkin St. Officers responded to the above area regarding a vandalism complaint. Upon their arrival, the officers met with the victim who told them that there was no vandalism, but someone had broken into his car, which was parked inside his garage. The suspect stole several items including the garage door opener. The victim told the officers that there were numerous video cameras inside the building. The officers checked the videos and discovered that the suspect entered the building through the previously damaged door. The suspect went down to the garage and broke into a few vehicles, including the caller’s. The officers were able to get a good look and description of the female subject from looking at the video. The officers finished their investigation and resumed their patrol duties. In the course of their patrol they observed a female who matched the subject they saw in the surveillance video. They detained and ran a computer check on the female. The officers discovered the woman was on active probation with a search condition. They searched her and found items that auto burglars use to break auto glass in her pockets. The officers found some items they believed she stole from the original auto burglary. The officers brought the subject back to the station where she was later booked on the above listed charges. Assisting officers were able to transport the possibly stolen items back to victim’s home. The items were positively identified as the victim’s property. The items were photographed and returned to the victim.

Burglary, Apartment House, Unlawful Entry, Trespassing, Conspiracy, possession of Burglary Tools, Possession of Stolen Property, Possession of Stolen Checks, Checks or Legal Instruments, Uttering Forged, Possession of False Id or Driver’s License, Possession of Narcotics Paraphernalia, Warrant Arrest, 4/23/13 2:49 Am 1100 Block of Sutter St. Officers responded to the above area regarding a trespasser. The caller said that there were at least two people walking around on the roof above his apartment. He demanded they be arrested for trespassing. The officers found their way to the roof and discovered three subjects with several bags and backpacks. The officers detained the males for trespassing and ran computer checks on the names they provided. Two of the males had warrants for their arrest. An incident to arrest search of their bags revealed numerous random keys, tools, apparently stolen mail, checks (not in the subject’s name), misc. ID cards, and lock picks. When the officers asked the subject what all of the items were, he stated “You put that in there, you guys set me up”. The officers spoke with the buildings manager. The manager did not know the subjects, and told the officers that the subjects had no business there. The officers transported two of the subjects to Northern Station where they were booked. The third subject was cited for trespassing and released.

Local and Outside Jurisdiction Warrant Arrest, 4/24/13 8:25 Pm Franklin/Hickory. The officer working the front counter at Northern Station received a citizen complaint of people in the above area that are doing drugs and causing problems in the above area. Officers went to check the area and perform a “passing call”. They came in contact with a subject that was loitering and drinking in the alleyway. They ran a computer check on his name which revealed numerous outstanding warrants for his arrest. They arrested and transported the subject to Northern Station, where he was booked.


Asian Heritage Festival: Saturday May 18, 2013 11:00-6:00 Pm. In the area of Larkin St. Between Grove/Ellis.
Bay To Breakers: Sunday May 19.
Saturday (on-going): 9:00a.m.-1:00p.m. there is a farmer’s market on O’Farrell Street between Fillmore and Steiner.
Public Safety Meeting: Monday, May 6, 7:30 Pm. Korean American Center, 745 Buchannan St.
Topic=How San Francisco can learn from the events in Boston. How can SF residents assist the Police in a similar
Last Tuesday of each month (on-going): Second Chance Legal Clinic. 6pm, 1290 Fillmore Street. Questions, call 415-
814-7610. Bring a recent RAP sheet.
ALERT (Auxiliary Law Enforcement Response Team): The SFPD version of NERT. For more information call 415-832-
8419, or email: sfpdalert@sfgov.org.
NERT (Neighborhood Emergency Response Training) Training:
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