Pine Street Post Office Evauated after Hazmat scare.

f0a73754-00bc-4e41-b58e-d6c5dceac9a3Late this morning after noticing a helicopter hovering for several minutes just overhead, I took to twitter to see if anything was up. Well the tweets started to flood in, it appears that the first few tweets mentioned St. Francis Hospital emergency room had been evacuated due to a Hazmat scare, but subsequent tweets dismissed that. As I inquired further it now appears that Pine Street Post office was the start of the scare. Several employees after discovering a white power substance on clothing made their way over the street to the hospital. That’s according to sources from the fire dept and city health officials.

The post office located at 1400 Pine St, between Polk Streets and Larkin. The five employees were evaluated at the hospital and released later just after mid day.

The post office remains closed and residents are advised to avoid the area until further notice.

UPDATE: Investigators determined that the substance was “fibrous material” from the conveyor belt at the post office and was not hazardous, fire officials said. Source SFGATE