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Northern Station Newsletter
Captain Greg McEachern
June 4, 2013 #14-10

Captain’s Comments:
As I author my comments, we had what I believe to be an extremely successful Union Street Fair over the past weekend. I spent both days down on Union Street with a number of officers and I was able to observe thousands of community members enjoying the fun, sun, and activities. What I found most pleasing to me was the large numbers of families with small children who were able to partake in the festivities which included games and rides for kids of all ages. The food and music was excellent, the local businesses appeared to benefit from the crowds, and the overall atmosphere was festive, and most of all, safe. I had on more than one occasion, community members that stopped and talked to me about the festival and commented how much they were enjoying the festival and how they felt the festival was safe and welcoming to all members of the community.
During the two day festival there were very few calls related to public safety and most of our officer spent time talking to community members and passing out stickers to young children. The festival even garnered great publicity in the Chronicle with an article about the new fashion show that had its debut at this year’s festival. The festival was what I believe is the ultimate definition of community and community policing and I want to thank all the businesses and community members who were able to partake and benefit from the festival for their cooperation and successes of a well run festival.
In my last article I wrote about Northern Stations new “Community Walk Program.” As I mentioned, our first Community Walk occurred on Thursday May 23rd in the Hayes Valley area. We met at the Hayes and Buchanan playground and walked with almost thirty community members and city partners. We visited the local Housing Developments and talked with residents about crime and safety and we walked the lower Hayes business corridor to meet and greet the merchants and residents. Overall the walk was extremely successful and a foundation for our future community walks in the Northern. For those that participated I thank you for sharing in the success of our first community walk. The next walk is scheduled for later this month in the Lower Haight Street area so look for an upcoming announcement on a date and time. I hope to see many more of you to participate in the community walk with me and other officers from Northern Station.

Vehicle Burglary, Possession of Stolen Property, Possession of Burglary Tools, Probation Violation Arrest, 5/16/13 12:05 Pm 1400
Block of Bush St.
Plain clothes Northern Station officers were conducting an auto burglary abatement operation in the Northern district. They were attempting to slow the rash of auto burglaries that occur throughout the district. Officers received a call of a possible auto burglary in progress. The caller described the subject’s clothing description and activity. The subject was an unusually large person and he was removing bags from a vehicle through its broken window. The subject had a bandana covering his face. Upon the officer’s arrival, they found and detained the subject. The subject spontaneously yelled, “I didn’t break into no car, I bought this stuff from a fat guy for drugs”. The officer ran a computer check on the male which revealed that he was currently on probation for auto burglary.
Officers contacted the 911 caller who was nearby. The caller said that he watched the male reach into the car and remove two bags from the backseat. The subject then tried to come into the caller’s business. The caller would not allow the male to enter, so the subject left. The subject was then detained by police. Another witness came forward and told the officers that he watched as the male maneuvered his fingers into a slightly open window. The subject worked his hands into the window and was able to force the window open without breaking the auto glass. The subject them removed the bags from the car. The witness was able to positively identify the male as the person he watched break into the car. Officers were able to get in touch with the owner of the vehicle and she arrived on scene. The victim was able to identify the bags as her property. The victim said that she did not give anyone permission to remove items from her car. The subject was transported to Northern Station where he was booked on the above listed charges.

Methamphetamine Offense, Parole Violation, Possession of Narcotics Paraphernalia Arrest, 5/17/13 11:00 Am Larkin/Willow
Officers responded to the above area regarding a complaint of an unregistered person using the bathroom in the hotel. The hotel employee wanted the male subject removed and escorted from the hotel. The employee did not want the subject arrested or cited for trespassing. Officers went to the bathroom area and immediately recognized the subject as being on parole and giving them numerous problems in the past. The officers searched the subject (per his parole conditions). They found a baggy of “Meth” and a pipe to smoke it in the subject’s pockets. He was arrested transported to Northern Station, where he was booked.

Vehicle Burglary, Possession of Stolen Property, Conspiracy, Resisting Delaying, Obstructing Arrest, 5/17/13 &:52 Pm 500 Block
of Grove St.
Northern Station plain clothes officers were working in the above area, and responded to a report of a vehicle burglary that had just occurred. The officers responded to and searched the public housing units area, which were only a few feet away from the vehicle. The caller gave a good description of the subjects and direction of flight. The officers observed two males who matched the given description. The males appeared to be closely examining a laptop computer. The officers know from their training and experience that auto burglars often attempt to steal high price electronic items which they later sell on the street. One officer exited his patrol car and identified himself. The subjects began running away from the officer, even as he yelled, “Stop Police!”. The subjects continued to run from the officers. They ran into an enclosed parking garage and one male dove under a car, in an attempt to escape capture. The officer caught up to the subject and was able to pull the subject from underneath the car and take him into custody. The officers were able to recover all of the stolen items and get in touch with the owner of the car. A witness came forward and identified the subjects as the same men that broke into the car. The subjects were booked at Northern Station.

Possession of Burglary Tools, Possession of Articles with the Identification Removed, Warrant Arrest, 5/18/13 2:02 Pm 500 Block
of Oak St.
Officers were dispatched to the above area regarding a prowler who was attempting to peer into a neighbor’s garage. Officers arrived and the subject was engaged in the exact activity, in the location which the caller stated. He was quickly detained. A computer check of the subject revealed an outstanding warrant for his arrest. The officers handcuffed and arrested the male. The subject told the officers that the nearby bicycle and two backpacks were his. Officers attempted to check the bike for serial numbers; knowing that burglars often use stolen bicycles as transportation. The serial number on the bike had been destroyed. The officers attempted to contact any possible occupants of the residence; which met with negative results. The home and garage had no signs of break in. The officers performed an incident to arrest search of the subject’s backpacks and discovered numerous tools/items that burglars are known to use to break into homes. The officers contacted the caller who said that they had the correct person detained. The caller told the officers that he had witnessed the male trying to pry open the garage door as well. The subject was booked at Northern Station.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery, False Personation, Possession of Access Card Counterfeiting Machinery, Possession of Stolen Access
Card, Warrant Arrest, 5/24/13 4:35 Am Bush/Van Ness
Officers responded to an auto boost in progress call near the above intersection. The witness said that there were a few men using a screwdriver and trying to remove ornamentation from a black Mercedes. As the officers arrived they found two black Mercedes in the area parked 15 feet away from each other. As the officers approached they observed that there were three men inside one of the cars. The men were identified. They had arrest records and one male was on parole. This allows the officers to search his person, residence, bags or vehicles 24 hours a day without a search warrant. The officers searched the Mercedes and found a key fob for a Mercedes. The officers believed that the key fob was for the car that they were searching. One officer hit the lock button on the key fob. It activated the lock and flashed the lights on the Mercedes which was parked 15 feet away. The officers ran a records check on the vehicle by its VIN number. The Mercedes returned stolen. The officers were able to call its owner and return the car to him. The officers checked the original Mercedes’ trunk and found machines and materials to manufacture fake credit cards, as well as numerous apparently stolen id/credit cards. The subjects even had lists of people’s names and dates of birth. Officers attempted to get in touch with these other possible victims. The officers got in touch with a male who told them that his wallet, credit cards, ids, and military identification had been stolen earlier in the year. This victim said that an unknown subject had tried to steal money from his bank account. The victim said that the unknown subject was able to change his online account passwords, but the thief was not able to get money before the victim figured it out. The account was closed. The subject was transported to Northern Station where he was booked on numerous counts of theft related charges Burglary, Store, Unlawful Entry,

Possession of Burglary Tools, Warrant Arrest, 5/25/13 12:15 Pm 2400 Block of California St.
Officers responded to the above area regarding a shoplifter. Upon their arrival, the officers met with the store loss prevention officer. The security officer told police that the male had stolen in excess of $200 worth of liquor. The subject had secreted the items into a shopping bag and he left the store passing all open registers, not paying for the items. A computer check of the subject revealed a no bail burglary warrant for the subject. The subject was transported to Northern Station where he was booked.

Aggravated Assault W/ Knife, Battery W/ Serious Injuries, 5/26/13 2:15 Am 700 Block of Ellis St.
Officers responded to the above area regarding a possible stabbing. Officers found a subject who was on the ground with his hands over his abdomen. He appeared to have multiple stab wounds to his chest and stomach area. The subject was on the ground and moaning in pain. Officers immediately called for medical help. The male had blood on his shirt, hands, and arms. Officers made contact with another person who was nearby. The witness told officers that he observed the victim in the roadway and complaining that he had been stabbed. The witness assisted the subject out of the roadway. The witness said that he had no further information on the stabbing. Assisting officers arrived on scene and searched the area for possible witnesses, security cameras, and evidence. Officers found a fresh blood trail that led to a building. The officers met with another person who appeared to be closing down a business. The officers asked the subject if he had seen anyone fighting or arguing in the area. The subject appeared to get very nervous, and told the officers “No”. The officer noticed that the subject had blood on his finger and clothing. The officer detained the subject. The officers searched the business and discovered several small blood droplets, and an area with smeared blood. They said that it looked as if someone had attempted to clean up the blood. The floors were wet and the officers found the mop bucket. Officers notified SFPD D.O.C. who sent out inspectors and crime scene personnel. Officers were able to view the video surveillance footage which was taken from inside the business. It showed two subjects come into the business, the victim and another subject. The two males seemed to be intoxicated and it appeared that they got into an argument. The subject (that was detained by police), and another man who appeared to be employees of the business, came over to attempt to stop the fight. Things seemed to get out of hand and the victim tried to hit one of the employees with a bottle. One of the intoxicated males ran out the door. The employee and detained male
appeared to attack the victim. Both males were punching and kicking the victim, and the video showed the males making stabbing motions towards the victim. The victim ran out. Officers found bloody towels, and a bloody knife inside the business’s garbage. The subject was transported to Northern Station where he was booked on the above listed charges.

Stolen Vehicle Arrest, 5/26/13 1:52 Pm Turk/Laguna
Officers recognized a license plate from a recently reported stolen vehicle. The car travelled from a neighboring police district. The officers got behind the car and confirmed that it was stolen through computer check with dispatch. The officers effected their emergency lights and siren and pulled the vehicle over. The driver stopped, removed the ignition key, and threw it out the driver’s window. The driver was removed and arrested. As the female driver exited the car she spontaneously stated, “I know the car is stolen”. The driver was transported to Northern Station. The driver agreed to give a Northern Station inspector a statement regarding
the theft. The subject was on probation at this time. She was booked into custody at County Jail.

Stolen Vehicle, Traffic Violation, Methamphetamine Arrest, 5/26/13 5:08 Pm, Bush/Van Ness
Plain clothes officers were working in the above area. The officers had received numerous complaints of blatant drug activity in the area. The plain clothes officers were attempting to slow the activity. The observed a vehicle drive up and park nearby. The driver exited the car and officers recognized him as they had arrested him in the past for possession of a stolen vehicle. The officer ran a computer check on the car and it returned stolen. The officers arrested the male driver. A search incident to arrest revealed a “baggy” of methamphetamine in the driver’s front pocket. The officers found the key that the subject was using to operate the car. The key appeared to be a “shaved” key. That means that the key was filed down in such a way that it would operate similar make and model vehicles. Car thieves use them to start and steal vehicles. The subject was transported to Northern Station where he was booked on the above charges.

Burglary, Store, Unlawful Entry, Possession of Stolen Property Arrest, 5/27/13 4:07 Pm Fillmore/California
Officers responded to a call of a petty theft that had just occurred. Dispatch informed the officers of the subject description and last direction of travel. The subjects were seen fleeing the scene on bicycles. Dispatch also told the officers that the subjects had stolen a purse from a store and fled down Fillmore Street. A witness, who was across the street during the theft, told the officers that she watched the two subjects stop and get off their bicycles. One subject appeared to possibly be acting as a lookout while the other went inside the store and took a purse. The subject walked out with the purse and fled. The witness knew the employee of the store and called her. The victim said that she was in the back storage area of the store and was unaware that someone had entered the store and stolen anything. Assisting officers searched the area for the subjects. They found the lookout hanging around the front of another nearby business. He matched the subject description as provided by the witness. One of the officers went inside the business to look for the other subject. The officer found the male with the purse inside. The subject was detained. A cursory pat search revealed the subject had a can of pepper spray. The subject had an arrest record where he was convicted of a past violent crime. With that conviction, it is no longer legal for the male to possess pepper spray. The officers conducted a cold show and the witness was able to
positively identify the subject as the purse thief. The victim came and identified her property. The subject was transported to Northern Station where he was later booked into custody. The second male was released, per 849 (b) PC.

Assault, Aggravated, W/ Force Arrest, 5/29/13 3:30 Pm 600 Block of Larch
Officers were able to view video footage of a past aggravated assault which had occurred earlier in the week. In the video it showed a fight where the subject pull the victim’s head down and strike him one time in the face with his knee. The victim was knocked out cold. The video showed the subject get into a vehicle, and it even showed the vehicles license plate. The officers were able to track down the car and its owner. The owner got in touch with the subject, who in turn, spoke with the investigating inspector. The inspector spoke with the male who said that he would come to Northern Station to turn himself in.


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City Wide and Northern District Crime Statistics through May 11, 2013
City Wide
Violent Crime +6%
Property Crime +15%
Northern Station
Violent Crime +5%
Property Crime +41%

Northern Station
 The Line-Up is a crime prevention tool that allows the public to get involved through social media. The goal is to get the public involved in solving cold case files by watching and identifying video surveillance of suspects committing crimes. Contact information will be listed on the site and the public can be anonymous if they choose. The San\ Francisco Police Department will be releasing one video per week of suspect(s) involved in a criminal act.
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