SantaCon 2013 on Polk St. – Yes another one…

IMG_3624 Well its that time of year again, I never know what to make of this, it obviously is a lot of fun for the participants, but the regular folks who have to deal with all the Bad Santa’s on the side walks. As a bar tender at night who has to deal with the crowd of really intoxicated Santa clad folks as they make their way home, wanting to have that last couple of drinks in the neighborhood bars which do not cater to or are on the Santa-Con routes, nor want to be, it’s quite tiresome having to deal with these guys.

What starts out very early I might add, as a great celebration,  people having fun, soon turns into a drunk fest. As a pro in the industry, most of these twenty something privileged I.T. marina douche-bags (well not all of them) have absolutely no clue how to drink. They think they will last all night after doing several shots & beers before 3pm.  Watch young so called professionals J-walk into traffic as if they own the streets, it is almost like when they put on the Santa uniform they get empowered as if trhey were in the service. Add that to the pack mentality of a few thousand red & white dressed Santa’s & their helpers, Elves & Snowmen, it soon turns into a uncontrollable street party. I cannot speak for the other hoods that go through this, but I must admit, security was tight at most of the venues on Polk street this year. McTeagues, Maye’s, Lush Lounge, Vertigo, Blur, R-Bar, Red Devil, Bitter Bock & Rye, to mention just a few had extra guys on the doors & inside. The streets on the other hand are a complete mess of people. The cops just done there first drive by, checking out what they will have to deal with in a couple of hours. I just hope parents keep their kids indoors tonight, because there will be a few Bad Santa’s in the hood tonight, I wouldn’t want to scar my kids with any images of drunk faced Santa’s & missus Santa tonight, or in the wee hours.   IMG_3677 IMG_3681 IMG_3687 IMG_3689 IMG_3692IMG_3636 IMG_3704 IMG_3624 IMG_3710 IMG_3715 IMG_3719