Police Blotter!


 The officers of Northern Station work hard each and every day to keep the streets safe for everyone. They are making some excellent arrests. Here is a small snapshot of what they are doing. I encourage you to log on to the SFPD website and under ‘compstat’ you will find a link to ‘crime maps’ that will provide very timely crime information and a greater accounting.

Aggravated Assault W/ Force, Elder Abuse Arrest, 1/1/14 3:11 Pm Van Ness/Golden Gate
Officers responded to a call of an assault on an elderly female. Upon their arrival, they found the 77 yr old female victim cleaning the blood from her hands and face. Medics arrived and treated the female for her injuries. She told the officers that she was walking down the street when a young woman shoved her from behind for no apparent reason. The shove caused her to fall on the cement, hit her face and scrape her hands. A witness was able to direct the police to the subject, and she was subsequently detained. The subject was booked at County Jail on the above charges.

Burglary, Other Building, Unlawful Entry, Stolen Vehicle Arrest, 1/2/14 9:00 Am 2800 Block of Filbert St.
Officers responded to an apartment in the above area. The caller told police that he had gone on vacation for approximately a week. He returned today and discovered his house had been ransacked. He smelled an odor of cigarettes. There were numerous items boxed up, ready to be removed, by the front door. He noticed that his car keys to his two vehicles were missing. He went to the garage to check on the vehicles and they had been stolen. The building supervisor was in the garage with a woman. She said that her dog had been lost in the area and the supervisor was helping her look for it. The woman asked to speak to the caller in private. She told him that she is homeless and came to the building and stayed in his apartment the previous night. She said that she was there with a homeless male that she just met and that he had removed numerous items from the apartment. The officers spoke with the subject. She told them the same story. The caller noticed that she had several of his stolen items on her person. She was arrested on the above charges and booked at County Jail.

Arson, Warrant Arrest, 1/4/14 3:52 Am Sacramento/Polk
Officers responded to a call for service of a woman in the above area attempting to set piles of newspaper on fire. The woman was walking north bound on Polk St and lighting multiple fires. The caller was following her and was watching the situation unfolding. The subject would light a fire and the SFFD would subsequently extinguish the fires. The subject continued setting fires, garbage cans, Christmas trees, trash. The caller directed police to the subject upon their arrival. The subject stated that she wasn’t doing anything wrong. She was just burning compost. A computer check of the subject revealed numerous warrants for her arrest. She was booked at County Jail on the above charges. Luckily no buildings or vehicles were burned this time.

Burglary, Store, Unlawful Entry, Warrant Arrest, 1/5/14 4:00 Pm Van Ness/Eddy
Officers were called to the above business regarding a subject who stole clothing items from the
store. Officers arrived and spoke with the caller. He said that the subject entered the store with a large bag. The subject was walking around the store and placing clothing items into the bag. He saw the subject attempt to leave through the garage door. It was locked so he exited through the front door. The subject was detained by store employees. The subject had numerous stolen items in his bag and told police it was all a mistake. He said that he forgot to take the items out of the bag prior to leaving. He made no attempt to pay for anything. He was booked at Northern Station on the above charges.

Aggravated Assault with Force Arrest, 1/5/14 1:50 Am 1125 Fillmore St.
Two women in their late forties came to the front counter at Northern Station. They were dropped off together to the station. The first woman (Subject #1) said that she was using the bathroom at a bar, when Subject #2 barged in the unlocked door without knocking first. A verbal argument started. In the argument the “ladies” got more and more agitated with each other and it turned physical. Subject #2 grabbed subject #1’s hair and dragged her to the ground. S#1 bit S#2’s leg and they both punched each other numerous times in the face. Somehow the fight stopped and the two came to Northern Station. The officer at the front counter got medical assistance for both subject’s. S#2 suffered a contusion on the leg from the bite, and S#1 had her front teeth knocked out. Due to the fact that there were no independent witnesses, both subject’s claimed the opposite started the fight, the fact that the women were likely to continue to fight, and the injuries suffered they were both booked at County Jail. Officers will attempt to locate any video footage from the bar at a later time.

Burglary, Apartment House, Unlawful Entry, Conspiracy, Possession of Burglary Tools, Possession of Prohibited Weapon Narcotics and Stolen Property, Resisting Arrest, 1/7/14 11:00 Pm 1100 Gough St.
Officers were called to the above area regarding a petty theft in progress. The caller told dispatch that there were two male subjects in the lobby trying to steal packages and parcels from the lobby of the apartment building. The officers set up a perimeter on the building and entered to arrest the subjects. As the officers entered the lobby area they heard and saw two subjects using a drill to try and get into the fire lock box. The lock box possibly has keys to multiple areas in the building. When the subjects saw the officers they stopped what they were doing and ran. The officers chased them through the workout room, through the pool area, but finally caught up to them and the subjects surrendered. The subjects were arrested and booked at Northern Station on the above charges.
Vehicle Burglary, Possession of Burglary Tools, Possession of Stolen Property Arrest, 1/9/14 12:08 Am Avila/Cervantes
Officers were on patrol in the middle of the night, in the above area. They saw a male subject leaning into a vehicle with a shattered window. The subject was attempting to remove items from the car and the car’s alarm was sounding. Officers quickly detained the male. A search of him revealed numerous items that had the name of the vehicles owner on them, including the victim’s credit cards. Officers were able to locate the owner who was able to identify his property. The subject was booked at Northern Station.