Knife Wielding Shampoo Robbery in Nob Hill?

I must say when I heard about this one, I had to read up more about the story before posting it. It is just one of those almost fictional tales you hear about in San Francisco, come on really, who commits armed robbery over shampoo?
The suspect walked into Walgreen’s on Polk between California and Sacramento streets about 11:45 p.m on Friday night. He requested assistance in the hair products aisle, specifically shampoo.
The female employee unlocked the shampoo display I will assume it was the good stuff and the suspect began loading bottles into a bag before pulling out a knife and threatening the woman before fleeing the scene with the shampoo. No one was harmed.
Police are on the look out for a man in his 40’s with a clean head of hair and a slight hint of aloe. Just remember, the blade this guy uses has nothing to do with cutting hair! No arrests have been made as the suspect made a clean getaway (Pun intended)