Police Blotter.

Warrant Arrest, 4/27/14  10:32 Pm Webster/Post

Officers responded to a citizen complaint of a male subject carving into a tree with a large knife.  Officers arrived and spoke to the subject.   The subject was holding a laptop computer.  A pat search for weapons revealed a 15” knife in a sheath attached to his beltline.  The officers asked the male what he was doing with the knife and he said that he was “just outside playing the flute”.  The subject told the officers that the laptop belonged to him.  They asked him where he bought it, and he responded that he found it.  He changed his story and said that a school janitor gave him the computer.  Officers attempted to locate the rightful owner; with negative results.  The officers ran a computer check on the subject and discovered numerous outstanding warrants totaling several thousand dollars.  He was booked at Northern Station. They were not able to locate the 911 caller, laptop owner, or any damage to the trees in the area.  The laptop was booked into evidence, property for safekeeping.


Stolen Vehicle Arrest, 4/23/14  6:29 Pm McAllister/Polk

Officers on uniformed patrol were driving in the above area.  They noticed a gray Scion and ran a records check on the plate.  The Scion returned as a reported stolen vehicle.  The officers conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle.  The driver exited the vehicle and was handcuffed.  He gave the officers an incorrect name, and had no driver’s license in his possession.  The officers had to transport the subject to Northern Station and run a computer finger print check.  This revealed his true name, and officers discovered several outstanding warrants for his arrest.  He was booked at Northern Station.  The owner of the vehicle was contacted and she came and took possession of her car.


Vandalism to Vehicle, Theft from Locked Vehicle Arrest, 4/23/14  7:00 Pm 2400 Block of California St.

Officers responded to a parking lot in the above area.  A caller had reported several males casing vehicles in the lot. They had already broken into one car and removed items.  They were loading their getaway vehicle with loot.  The caller was able provide suspect and vehicle descriptions, including the vehicle’s license plate.  The officers arrived as the subjects entered their car.  They reclined the seats and got down low inside the car as if to avoid police detection.  Additional officers responded to the scene.  The caller notified the officers that they had the correct vehicle.  All three subjects were detained, and their clothing matched descriptions provided by the caller.  The caller positively identified all subjects.  The caller had video footage of the suspects breaking into the cars, which he gave to the officers.  The subjects were transported to, interviewed and booked at Northern Station.  The officers were able to locate the victims and return their stolen property to them.


Burglary, Apartment House, Unlawful Entry, 4/21/14  3:00 Pm 1300 Block of Bush St.

Officers responded to call for service where a neighbor saw two subjects exiting his neighbor’s house from the rear patio area.  The caller actually confronted the two on the patio.  When he asked which apartment do the subjects live in, they left the area. The caller watched as the subjects climbed through a parking garage in an attempt to flee the area.  The caller advised the officers the subject description, and direction of travel. The officers caught up to, and detained the male subject.  A search of him revealed an Ipad with a woman’s name on it.  Once both of the subjects were detained the officers located the apartment that was believed to be burglarized.  The name associated with the apartment was the same as the name on the Ipad.  Its rear sliding door was unlocked.  Officers contacted the owner who responded to their home.  The caller positively identified the subjects, and they were booked at county jail.  Officers recovered all stolen items and returned them to the owner.


Aggravated Assault Arrest, 4/20/14  12:41 Pm  1500 Block of California St.

Officers were called to the above area regarding a group of males involved in a large fist fight in the street. The fight seemed to stop and the group of combatants went back inside a nearby bar.  The suspects left the bar just prior to police arrival.  Police met with the victims.  The main victim said that an individual approached him, and for no apparent reason punched him in the face.  The victim fell to the ground and was hit in the head with a “hard object”.  Officers called for medical assistance for the victims.  Officers in the area searched and found the main subject.  He was identified by numerous witnesses.  During the cold show, the subject’s friends came back outside the bar and began to yell at the victim and police.  All parties returned to Northern Station where they were interviewed and the subject was booked. 


Carrying Concealed Weapon with a Felony Conviction, Traffic Violation, Probation Violation, Restraining Order Violation Arrest, 4/20/14  5:40 Pm Franklin/Greenwich

Officers were on uniformed patrol.  They were flagged down by a motorist that stated he had just been in an altercation with another male driver.  The subject pointed a gun at the victim, and then drove off.  The victim gave a description of the vehicle and subject.  He said that he wanted to leave.  A search for the subject began.  Officers quickly caught up to the subject who had stopped a few blocks away.  Officers spoke with the subject.  The investigating officer saw an open bottle of beer and a white pill on the passenger’s seat.  The officer recognized through his training and experience that the pill was an oxycodone pill. The subject was removed from the vehicle.  A sweep of the vehicle for weapons revealed a fully loaded, cocked, 45 caliber handgun under the driver’s seat.  The gun was secured and the felon transported to Northern Station where he was booked.


Store Burglary, Unlawful Entry, Conspiracy, Probation Violation, Warrant Arrest, 4/20/14  2:15 Pm 1600 Block of Polk St.

Officers were called to a business regarding a cell phone theft.  The caller said that a female subject stole one of the employee’s phones from the counter.  The phone’s tracking system was working and officers were directed to a nearby address.  Store employees had followed the subject and used the “track my Iphone” app.  The employees were attempting to confront the subject as officers arrived.  She was taken into custody.  The victim told police that she just wanted the phone back and she wouldn’t press charges for the theft.  The subject told the victim that the phone was in her apartment.  The subject let the officers in to attempt to find the phone, but it wasn’t there.  The subject said that her boyfriend may have the phone.  Officers called the boyfriend who denied any involvement.  The subject began to cry hysterically saying that she didn’t want to go to jail on Easter.  The officers broadcast the boyfriend’s description to assisting units.   The victim told officers that they confronted the subject about taking the phone.  The said that they know she took it, they watched her do it.  The subject continued to deny involvement.  The subject was booked at County Jail on the above charges. 


Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol Arrest, 4/19/14  2:40 Am Washington/Gough

Uniformed officers on patrol came upon a vehicle which was stopped at a red light.  After the second cycle of green to red they decided to check on the driver.  The driver’s head was tilted back and his eyes were closed.  The vehicle’s engine was still running.  The subject woke up and the officers instructed him to turn off the engine and place the vehicle in park.  The subject did so and stepped out of the car.  Immediately the officers noticed an overwhelming odor of an alcoholic beverage.  The subject’s eyes were bloodshot and his face was flushed and sweaty.  The subject said that he did not have anything to drink tonight.  Officers began their driving under the influence investigation.  The officers asked the male what he had to drink and he said 3 beers.  They demonstrated and instructed the subject on each sobriety test.  He performed them unsatisfactorily.  The officers asked the subject to write out the English alphabet on a sheet of paper.  He wrote the vowels of the English alphabet.  The officers arrested the male for the above charges, and booked him at Northern Station.


Aggravated Assault W/ Other Weapon, Parole Violation Arrest, 4/18/14  11:38 Am Herman/Laguna

Officers were called to a street fight with one subject armed with a pole. Officers caught up to the subjects.  One subject was bleeding from a approx. 3” wound above his left eyelid.  He was treated and released by medics, refusing further medical treatment. The victim said that the subject hit him in the head with a pipe.  He said he was struck so hard he flipped over a vehicle and fell on the ground.  Several witnesses corroborated the story.  The victim said that this was an argument over drug and money.  The subject was transported to Northern Station where he was booked on the above charges.


Stolen Vehicle Arrest, 4/16/14  4:40 Am  Washington/Van Ness

Officers on patrol were stopped at a traffic light. They ran a computer check on a motorcycle which was stopped nearby.  The plate returned stolen.  The officers exited the patrol car and were walking towards the subjects to speak to them.  The female put her helmet on and jumped onto the back of the bike.  The driver started the bike and drove off.  Officers broadcast the incident to assisting officers.  Officers were able to locate the bike a few blocks away.  The female passenger left the bike and dropped her helmet, then attempted to walk away from the bike.  The driver accidentally dropped the bike onto its side.  As officers closed in on him, he attempted to pick up the motorcycle and start it to escape.  He could not do it and officers quickly had him in handcuffs.  The driver had a small bottle of suspected liquid heroin in his pocket.  He complained of having pain to his knee and elbow from dropping the bike, prior to being arrested.  Officers had the subject medically cleared.  The driver said that his friend gave him the motorcycle and he was just having fun driving his girlfriend around the city.  Officers contacted the rightful owner of the bike, who told them that bike had been stolen her several days ago.  Officers inspected the motorcycle and discovered that the ignition had been punched.  The motorcycle was returned to its owner.  The drugs were processed and later booked into evidence.  The subjects were booked at County Jail.



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