Manhunt on for Nob Hill resident.

chambWell its been a very unusual couple of days on Polk especially for those living on Jackson street. The FBI have released photo’s of the man sought in connection of allegedly having possession of explosives. The feds say Ryan Chamberlain is the person who’s apartment was the focus of a days long search with federal Hazmat & bomb disposal units. The FBI are being very tight lipped regarding the whole affair. They have however released his photo & directed nationwide law enforcement to be on the look out for a white 2008 Nissan Altima with a California or Texas license plates of either 7FQY085 or BX9M042. 

Peter Lee the FBI spokesperson said, they are seeking Chamberlain for possession of explosive material at his residence.

Chamberlain is 6′ 3″ tall, weighs 225 lbs and has blue eyes and brown hair. He was last seen south of San Francisco Sunday.  He is believed to be wearing a dark blue hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans and is considered armed and dangerous. 

Chamberlain was reportedly also in possession of Ricin but from what I can gather this was quickly debunked by the FBI. An FBI spokesperson said that a bomb squad had also shown up at the scene of the investigation, but that it turned out to be a false radiation alarm. Ricin to Radiation, the twitter world is still a buzz with many different theories of what exactly is going on. Well to be honest can you blame them since very little info regarding the criminal investigation is being released by the feds.

 If Ricin or radiation was suspected in the first place why was the entire block not evacuated? Instead residents were told to stay in their apartments many of who were on their roofs taking snap shots of the days events. Many curious onlookers were able to stand next to the police barriers just several feet from Chamberlains front door.

Neighbors said they do not know much about the man who lives in the unit except he is in his 40s and is a marketing exec. They described him as quiet and polite. Ryan Kelly Chamberlain was active on his twitter account @Poliholic until the day before the early morning raid on his apartment. In fact his tweets all look normal, like your average tweeter. Hell everything about this guy looks normal, even my local bar keep recognized him, served him & they said he seem very polite. I found some more info about Chamberlain here are a few links and his facebook kind of funny, I actually have one common friend on facebook.

A spokeswoman for the University of San Francisco said Chamberlain taught a “Grass Roots Mobilization” course to graduate students in the Public Affairs program in 2011. The spokes person said Chamberlain taught for one semester, and wasn’t invited back to teach another course, but many teach classes throughout the semester so one shouldn’t read into that. Chamberlain also worked for years as a political consultant on Democratic campaigns and did work as an independent contractor for The San Francisco Chronicle during the 2012 NFL season. He was let go from Project Sport, a local sports marketing company when it was sold in November.

The affidavit and search warrant used to enter Chamberlain’s home remain sealed.


Ryan Chamberlain sent a tweet earlier today.