Best BBQ on Polk & they serve till 1am – Bitters Bock & Rye.

 Yeah I know we don’t have a lot of Rib joints on Polk street, but damn do we have a good one now. Bitter Bock & Rye on lower Polk has definitely found itself a new long time customer (ME). I know several of the bar tenders here already, many work in other establishments on Polk & in the general area.

 Located next to Blur, actually its the same owners, the venue it self is pretty dang big inside, boasting two bars and a private dining area accessible from both Polk & Post streets. A bar tender friend of mine invited me down for Ribs, it was 11:45pm, yes you heard me correctly, almost midnight, turns out they serve food till 1am, WOOT! (Side Note: They serve food Wednesday thru Saturday till 1am, the other days the kitchen is open till 10pm)

 So we sat at the bar, an extremely professional bar keep took our order, Heather be her name, we ordered a full rack of BBQ Ribs, the Deviled Eggs, Macaroni & Cheese and a side of Cabbage. Yes a lot of food, but we were hungry, you know that late night hunger rush. Damn did the food come out quick, well it was late & the kitchen was not inundated with orders, which this late at night is a plus. I should add, BBQ Ribs are served with Corn on the Cobb & Potato salad. Yummy!

 BBQ Ribs – The Meat fell of the bone, they were delicious, the devil eggs we sliced in two, all three had different toppings, so both of us could enjoy all of them. I was not a big fan of Macaroni & Cheese, but I am now, they were outstanding, being Irish, the cabbage I ordered on a whim & I was not disappointed. I have to say, this was a great meal & the company was perfect. 

This is Curtis, if you don't know him then you don't drink on Polk!

 They also have a very appropriate Cocktail menu, a fine Whiskey selection & a good 12 beers on tap. Those of you who frequent AMC 1000 for your local movie entertainment, you have two good choices now for some real food close by, first being Tommy’s Joynt on Van Ness & now Bitter Bock & Rye. If your lucky enough, Curtis (A well known Industry barkeep on Polk street) will be behind the bar, he will give you a very unique experience while you are out for your meal or just a few good libations.

 Overall the experience was very satisfying, the locals were very approachable  & the staff know their jobs. I will be back here for the Food & the Company.


A little side note, they have a Old fashioned with, get this, A maple syrup & BACON rim, Bacon & whiskey & BBQ.  OMG why did I not think of this.


This is the Brisket Burger & Steak cut fries (Chips) which I devoured while writing this Article.
This is the Brisket Burger & Steak cut fries (Chips) which I devoured while writing this Article.