Police Blotter.

Possession of Stolen Vehicle, Possession of Burglary Tools, Possession of Stolen Property, Probation Violation Arrest, 11/1/14 10:57 Pm Eddy/Webster
Plain clothes officers were working in the above area driving an unmarked police vehicle. Officers spotted a vehicle parked in the area. They knew that there has been a recent spike in the amount of recovered stolen vehicles in the area that they were patrolling.
The officer’s attention was drawn to the vehicle due to its poor parking job and the fact that the vehicle is one of the most commonly stolen vehicles. They decided to run a computer check on the car. The car returned to have been stolen out of Burlingame. The officers “set up” on the vehicle to conduct surveillance and hopefully arrest the thief when they return to the car. They saw a female subject come out of a nearby house. The subject walked to the car with keys in hand. She stuck the key into the door lock and unlocked the car. She sat down in the car. The officers approached the car, identified themselves, and quickly had her detained before the subject could start the car and flee. A female officer searched the subject and recovered a set of keys from inside the subject’s undergarment. One of the keys was grinded down slightly. This “shaved” key is commonly used to steal cars. The officer also recovered suspected methamphetamine from the subject’s pockets. The officers attempted to contact the owner of the car to come and recover their vehicle. The subject was booked on the above charges after contacting the subject probation officer.

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, Traffic Violation Arrest, 11/1/14 2:23 Pm Union/Van Ness Ave.
Officers responded to the above area regarding a possible drunk driver. The caller told dispatch that the subject had stopped his Volvo in the bus zone, and fell asleep. The caller stated that he watched as the subject slept in his car for about five minutes. The caller went over to the car and attempted to awaken the subject; with negative results. The officers arrived and again tried to awaken the male. They were able to do so and they told the male to place the vehicle in park and exit it. The male put his car into reverse and backed up almost hitting a parked vehicle and running up onto the curb. They removed the subject from the car and saw an open bottle of whiskey which was half empty. As the officer was speaking to the male he noticed a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from his breath and person. The officer told the subject that he is going to give the subject a series of field sobriety tests to determine his fitness to drive a vehicle. The officer explained and demonstrated each test prior to the subject doing them. The subject was unsuccessful. The subject was also given a preliminary alcohol screening test. The result was in excess of triple the legal limit for driving. The subject was arrested and given a blood test for alcohol. He was booked at county jail.

Theft from Unlocked Vehicle >$950 Arrest, 11/1/14 1100 Am 1500 Block of Jackson St.
Officers were called to the above area regarding a male who had just broken into the caller’s vehicle. The caller had parked his vehicle, went to a restaurant, and was sitting  at an outside table approx 100 feet from his car. He noticed a male walk by with what he believed was his backpack. The victim ran to his car to find the back pack missing from the vehicle. The victim called 911. He was able to locate the subject again and demand his property back. The subject gave the stolen items back. The victim followed the subject, updating police of his location. The police arrived and detained the male. The victim was certain that they had the correct subject detained. He was later booked at Northern Station.

Methamphetamine, Possession for Sales, Methamphetamine Transport, Conspiracy Arrest, 11/2/14 10:14 Pm Ellis/Hyde
Northern Station street crime unit members were on plain clothes patrol when they spotted a vehicle driving recklessly in the above area. The car was running multiple stop signs, and red lights. The officers had a marked police unit make a vehicle stop on the car. One of the occupants told the officers that he was currently on active probation, with a search condition. The officers searched the subject and found a baggy of suspected methamphetamine in his pants pocket. The subject was arrested. Officers spoke with the rear seat passenger and noticed a knife sticking out from her beltline. The officers recovered the knife as well as another knife she had on her person. The rear passenger also had a “meth pipe”, and three baggies of meth. She was arrested. On the rear floor board of the vehicle the officers saw a black lock box. No one in the car claimed to know anything about it and they all denied that it was their property. The officers were able to open the box and discovered a large amount of methamphetamine in it. The subjects had over $1,400 in small denominations. The officers had discovered and put a stop to a mobile meth dispensary. All narcotics were field tested; positive and later booked into evidence. The subjects were booked at county jail.

Aggravated Assault, W/ Force Arrest, 11/4/14 7:03 Pm Polk/Broadway
Officers were called to a parking lot in the above area, regarding an assault victim. They arrived on scene and observed a male holding his head. The victim had a large hematoma on his forehead which was currently bleeding. The officer called for SFFD medics for treatment of the victim. The victim told the officer that he is a parking lot attendant and he monitors the lot, making sure individuals pay for parking there. The subject pulled his car into the lot and refused to pay for parking. He said “this lot is for
Walgreens customers, I’m not paying you for parking here”. The subject began to verbally assault the victim, getting increasingly angry and using foul language towards the victim. The subject went into the store. When he returned the subject seemed even angrier. He walked towards the victim and started to punch and kick a nearby vehicle. Then he attacked the victim. The victim was struck on the head, and he fell to the ground. The subject began to kick him while he was down. Numerous people in the lot broke up the fight, and the subject fled in his vehicle. The officers put out the subject and vehicle description, and assisting officers were able to locate the car and detain the driver. The victim was able to identify the subject prior to being transported to the hospital. The subject was booked at Northern Station.

Theft from Unlocked Vehicle, Resisting, Delaying, Obstructing Police Officer in Their Duties, 11/5/14 5:05 Pm Hyde/McAllister
A Northern Station Lieutenant stopped and parked his vehicle in the above area. He was going to go on foot patrol in the area. The Lieutenant saw a male subject running towards him. Then he saw another male running behind the subject yelling, “Help police, that
 by just stole my laptop!” The Lieutenant ordered the male to stop, but he continued running. The Lieutenant was able to catch up to the subject and stop him. The subject continued to struggle and attempt to pull away, so he was taken to the ground. Officers arrived and were able to handcuff the subject. The subject spontaneously stated, “I don’t have the bag, I dropped it on Hyde Street”. The officers were able to locate the victim who said that he was driving in the area in his open topped Jeep. He said as he came to a stop, the subject ran out from the sidewalk and grabbed his backpack (containing his laptop), from the rear of the Jeep. The subject then attempted to run away. The victim got out and chased the subject. The subject dropped the backpack, and the victim recovered it. At this point the victim noticed the Lieutenant and notified him about what had happened. The victim was able to identify the subject and he was booked at Northern Station.

Search Warrant Service, Theft From Locked Vehicle, Stay Away Oder Violation, Conspiracy, Warrant Arrest, 11/6/14 7:17 Am 1200 Block of Eddy St.
Officers had reviewed video evidence of an auto burglary which had occurred earlier that week. They saw the subject, whom they knew from numerous prior contacts. They wrote a search warrant for the subject’s residence, which was signed by a San Francisco Judge. The officers executed the search warrant. They gave “knock notice”, identifying themselves and why they were there. There was no answer to the door. They used a department authorized ram to breach the door. They detained several subjects, including the auto burglar. The officers searched the apartment and found two “clips” containing live rounds of ammunition, but no handguns.
They secured the ammunition. They knew the primary subject had a warrant and a stay away order from the area, where he committed the auto burglary. That information was confirmed and the subject was booked at Northern Station. The two other subjects were released per 849(b) PC.

Hallucinogenics Offense, Possession of Narcotics, Warrant Arrest, 11/7/14 5:37 Pm Cedar/Larkin
Officers on patrol were driving in the above area. They noticed a male sitting on the sidewalk. They decided to do a well being check on the male, who provided them with his name and birth date. The officers ran a computer check on the information. Dispatch returned that the male had several warrants for his arrest. He was arrested and an arrest search revealed three hallucinogenic mushrooms and methamphetamine in his pockets. A field test of the drugs was positive. He was booked at Northern Station.

Methamphetamine Offense, Possession of Narcotics Paraphernalia, Warrant Arrest, 11/9/14 11:16 Am Geary/Polk
Officers responded to the above area regarding a possible auto burglary. Officers on scene had a subject detained. They had observed a male jamming a wire into the window of a car. He stated that the car was his and that he had locked the keys in the car. Officers ran computer check on the car and the registered owner’s name did not match the name that the subject had provided. Officers noticed the subject exhibiting the objective symptoms of being under the influence of alcohol. They asked him if he had anything to drink today. The subject stated, “I had A LOT to drink today”. He was placed under arrest for being drunk in public, and unable to care for himself. A search of the subject revealed a satchel which contained a meth pipe, and some suspected methamphetamine powder. The satchel also contained three credit cards that did not belong to the subject. Officers conducted a computer check on the subject, and it revealed an outstanding drug related warrant. A field test of the meth tested positive. He was booked at Northern Station.

Theft from Locked Vehicle, Probation Violation Arrest, 11/9/14 8:44 Pm 1500 Block of Geary St.
Officers were called to the above area regarding an auto burglary. Dispatch advised them that the subject was running and the victim was chasing him. Dispatch updated the officers on the subject’s clothing and direction of travel. The officers were able to get in front of the subject and detain him. The victim approached the officers and told them that they had the correct person detained. The victim told officers that he was returning to his car from shopping with his children. The victim approached his car, and noticed the subject sitting in his car putting items into a bag. The victim approached the subject and asked what he was doing in his car. The subject immediately stated, “I’m innocent, it wasn’t me”. The subject then climbed out of the car through the rear, newly broken window, and started to walk away. The victim called 911 notified dispatch of the incident, and followed the subject. The subject began to run away. Officers also located an independent witness who gave police the same series of events. A computer check on the subject revealed that he was on felony probation on theft related charges. The subject was booked at Northern Station.