San Francisco Bar Makes CNN’s Top Sports Bars list – Blackthorn


It’s not often I write about bars outside of the Polk neighborhood but when a local sports bar gets on a list of the Best Sports bars in the country. Since my main job is as a bar tender, I kinda figured I have some latitude. (I’ll try & be objective)
Blackthorn on Irving & 9th just got mentioned on CNN’s Top 10 Sports Bars in America list. Not that I was amazed, Blackthorn has 20 screens, 30 beers, a patio with a 55 inch screen & multiple booths, so it’s definitely got the hardware to cover any sporting event.
The Blackthorn is considered the main UFC Bar in the city. They boast the most local Giants, Niners, Warriors & Sharks fans all of whom are Native.
Everyone in the Sunset already knew that this was the bar to watch major sporting events in, they also knew to get there at least an hour before just to get a seat.

Below is a video taking of the final game of the 2014 World series, I think you can see why the bar boast many local sports fans.

Their Social media presence is above & beyond, they take great care when it comes to FB, Instagram, foursquare & Twitter. They respond to Yelp reviews, check for yourself, they basically take care of their clientele.
The World Series Game 7 was off the hook here just like it was in every bar in SF but the with the exception of almost every single person being an actual natively born Giants fan, along with a few smart recent arrivals who knew this was the place to be for that game.


Football Sunday is absolutely great here. They specialize in Bloody Mary’s & they are served up in Mason jars. Every Niners game regardless of home or away is packed. The bar tenders & management have it down when it comes to taking care of out of all the Football fans needs when it comes to screen selection. Every screen has bpA great sports bar knows how to cater to all sports fans.

Aside from Sports, the Blackthorn was also select as one of the best venues to host Trivia and recently made thrillists 8 best trivia nights in San Francisco. Read More Here!

The bar was recently Nominated for a Nitey Award also, as Best Irish Bar, you can vote here Nitey Award you can actually vote daily.

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