Watch the Mayweather Pacquiao Fight on Polk Street.

 So apparently until now there was no local Polk street destination that showed the big fights. Cabin 1750 Polk street will be showing the fight on May 2nd. For those of you living under a rock the Mayweather VS Pacquiao has the biggest purse in boxing history and this is being touted as the fight of the century, well decade at the very least.

 There will be a $35 cover at the door which makes sense since this is reportedly the most expensive fight even for home viewers ($100). The crew at Cabin advise boxing fans to arrive early as this event is going to be filled to capacity based on the initial social media & phone queries.
 The venue itself boasts 12 screens and the staff have ample experience since Cabins sister bar Blackthorn recently mentioned as one of the top sports bars in America by CNN via Travel & Leisure

 Another reason to get there early is because May 2nd has several big sporting events, infact it is been rated as the buziest sporting day in 2015. The English Premier League season will be winding down. Manchester City vs. Tottenham highlights the schedule. Day three of the NFL draft. At 1:35 pm – Yankees at Red Sox. Should any first round NBA palyoff games go seven games … they’ll likely be played on Saturday and Sunday. The Kentucky Derby is also on May 2nd. At 7:10 pm – Nationals at Mets. The NHL will be into the 2nd round of playoffs by May 2nd. All in all, keep May 2nd free its going to be a great day at the local sports bars.