San Francisco Deltas Win The NASL Championship Final

In what was an epic day & night at Kezar Stadium, the San Francisco Deltas beat the NY Cosmos 2:0 to win the NASL Championship Final. With a record crowd in attendance, fans were treated to an amazing evening out. The Fans section that being where Delta Force, San Francisco Loyal following gather was packed to capacity, I could barely get in to snap some photos, was drumming with excitement the entire game, literally.

I went to the game with a couple of families, to be fare they went with me, but they were very presently surprised at what an amazing night out this was, the kids loved it. Watching & listening to them shout Go Deltas was inspiring. I wasn’t looking at kids having a great time (well yes I was) & they truly were, I was watching potential future team revenue. Lets face it folks, this is how a team is built, $5 tickets work.

One of the the highlights of the night was the pitch invasion, starting from the Deltas Force section, fans took to the field to celebrate their teams victory in epic fashion, Kezar Stadium hasn’t seen this in many years, but on this night the almost 10,000 fans did not disappoint.

Deltas forward Tommy Heinemann scored from a penalty forcing the Cosmos to play from behind for the rest of the game & in the 95th minute Devon Sandoval scored to seal the outcome.

Walking to the game around 4pm with my friends, from the Blackthorn they were amazed when fellow jersey wearing fans shouted at us Go Deltas, one of my Irish companions commented “this is just like going to a game back home, do you thing there will many at the game” the look on his face when we walked in to the Stadium soon answered his question.

What a night.

Congratulations Deltas & a big shout out to Delta Force!