Last Call at Red Devil Lounge!

 Sadly last night, Wednesday the 12th of February 2014 was final curtain call for the Red Devil Lounge on Polk Street at Clay. A good selection of locals & long time regulars had their final libations at the Venue as the doors finally closed in the wee hours of Thursday morning after an almost 17 year run. The new venue, name to be announced is slated to open sometime in April, but construction will be started as soon as possible. Jamal Blake-Williams who leads the new crew taking over the venue, is a several year veteran from Tipsy Pig is eager to get things rolling we hear.  They will focus primarily on cocktails and craft beers and may have a pool table, shuffle board in house, actually when you think about it, Polk street has a lack of pool tables, they certainly have room for it.  I am personally looking forward to see what they finally decide to do with the location, it will make a nice addition to the neighborhood, complimenting Cabin, Amelie & 1760 Restaurant.


 For those of you following the Evolution of Polk street, you may have noticed Middle Polk leaning more to the towards a 25 & up age group similar to upper Polk, that tend to be a little more picky when it comes to their cocktail & dining experience, not only are these folks well dressed casually that is, but they are for the most part a well behaved clientele, which is good for the neighbors.