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Northern Station Newsletter
Captain Greg McEachern

Captain’s Comments:
February 20, 2014 #02-14

  Bicycle thefts continue to be a hot topic issue in San Francisco. In partnership with San Francisco Safe, and our department, a program has been launched to help recover stolen bikes and return them to their rightful owners. This is a no cost bicycle registry program administered by San Francisco SAFE. Anyone can register their bicycle by going to www.safebikes.org and clicking on the registration icon. SAFE in collaboration with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, and several local businesses are undertaking a citywide educational campaign to teach people how to protect themselves against bike theft/burglary by recommending locking strategies and suggesting theft prevention tips. Please take a look at the sight and consider registering your bicycle so that we can improve our chances of returning your bike to you should it be stolen.

  Crime in the city in January, overall, is down compared to the same time last year. Below are the statistics through January both city-wide and in the Northern District. Although the numbers are currently down we have seen a recent uptick in burglaries in the city and in the Northern district. While some of the burglaries occur in garages we have also seen residences burglarized as well. Many of the burglaries are occurring during the day when most people are away at work. To help curb these burglaries we ask that you remain vigilant in locking your residence securely, including windows and being aware of activity in and around your neighborhood that may look suspicious. Partnering with neighbors to watch over buildings and apartments is also a good tool as many eyes are better than few.

  Last month I spoke about traffic concerns in the city and the increased in collisions involving pedestrians. Since the last newsletter we’ve seen three collisions, two fatal, involving pedestrians on Van Ness Avenue. We have increased our traffic enforcement and last month wrote more than seven hundred citations and issued countless warnings to drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians alike. Our goal was not to see how many citations we could write but to make everyone aware that these collisions continue to occur and behaviors from all parties (drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians) have contributed to the collisions. We will continue our enforcement and education campaigns throughout the remainder of the year with the goal of decreasing these collision numbers significantly.

  There were two recent arrests made for crimes in our district that I think are worthy of note for you. On the afternoon of February 7th a shooting occurred on the corner of Golden Gate and Fillmore. Thankfully, the victim did not sustain life threatening injuries. A quick follow up and investigation by our officers led them to the individuals believed to have perpetrated the crime as well as a couple of other recent shootings and robberies in our district. The next morning the officers located the individuals and attempted to arrest them for the crimes. A vehicle pursuit occurred that continued down to Mountain View where the suspects were ultimately stopped and arrested with the assistance of outside agencies. I’m happy that two known violent individuals are off of our streets and I’m hopeful that it will have a positive effect on any future violence in the area.

  The next incident occurred just two days later when our undercover street crimes unit became aware of car burglars working the area of Japan Town. The officers searched and located the suspects and after following the suspects for a short when they observed them break into another vehicle. The officers moved in quickly to arrest the individuals and a foot pursuit occurred. Two of the three suspects were apprehended and the third is known. While following up on the case the officers determined that the suspects were involved in no less than thirteen vehicles break ins that day; five in the Northern District, five in the Southern District, and three in the Mission District. The officers recovered numerous stolen items and were able to contact and return the items to their rightful owners. The suspects are facing prosecution and will hopefully be off our streets for a long time.

  As mentioned above, our crime numbers are down year to date compared to last year. However, we still see crime numbers that can be lowered with increased arrests and better public awareness of surroundings and activity. Please remember, if you see something that looks suspicious, call us. We will respond as quickly as possible to investigate and hopefully deter a crime for occurring or apprehend a suspect should a crime be committed.


Petty Theft With a Prior Conviction, Resisting Delaying Obstructing Police Officer in Their Duties Arrest, 2/1/14 2:43 Pm 1300 Block of Bush St. Officers responded to the above area regarding an aggressive shoplifter that was fighting with store security. The officers arrived on scene and immediately the subject resisted the officer’s attempts to handcuff him. The scuffle went to the ground and the subject was lying face down on the cement and pulling his arms close to his body, in an attempt to not be handcuffed. Assisting officers were able to cuff the subject, no injuries. The officers met with store security who told them the following. The security told the officers that the subject came into the store and was looking in the watch sales area. Security watched as the subject removed several watches from the stand and put them into his pockets. The subject then removed a large bottle of wine and placed that in his pocket. The subject walked towards the front door, passing all open cash registers and left the store without paying for the items. Security attempted to detain the subject and he began to throw the watches and smash the bottle of wine. He knocked items off of the shelves and ran out. Security was able to slow down the subject, outside the store, just as police arrived. The subject was booked at Northern Station.

Recovered Stolen Vehicle, Driving with Suspended License Arrest, 2/2/14 2:34 Pm Franklin/Hickory Plain clothes officers were working in the above area. They were conducting an operation targeting auto burglaries and auto theft suppression in the area. Officers observed a suspicious vehicle and ran a records check on it. Dispatch ran a computer check on the car and discovered that it had been reported stolen. The driver of the stolen car immediately pulled the car over and began walking away from it. Officers quickly had him detained. The subject was booked at Northern Station.

Armed Street Robbery Arrest, 2/2/14 12:10 Am Page/Gough On the above date and time officers were dispatched to the above area regarding a call from a victim of an armed robbery. The officers were able to locate the victim, who told them the following. The victim was walking in the area with his headphones on listening to music and looking down at his cell phone. He was approached by four males in their early twenties, and surrounded. Two of the males pointed what appeared to be black handguns at the victim. One subject said “Gimme your phone”. The victim refused then he saw the males “cock” their guns. He gave over the phone and headphones. The subject still surrounded him and they demanded his money. The victim refused and all of the subjects ran and got into a newer model suv and fled the area. The officers broadcast the suspect’s and vehicle description and direction of travel. An on duty inspector advised the officers and dispatch that the vehicle described, may have been involved in an armed robbery series. Assisting officers were able to quickly locate the vehicle and had it stopped near the crime scene. The occupants matched the description as provided by the victim. SFPD Criminal Investigations Unit arrived on scene and took over the investigation. They photographed each of the subjects, description and clothing. They photographed the contents of the vehicle, which included brass knuckles and two pellet guns. The officers conducted a “cold show”. The victim was able to identify three of the four subjects as being the same people that robbed him. One of the subjects even had the stolen cell phone still in his pocket.

Possession of Stolen Property, Vehicle Tampering, Probation Violation Arrest, 2/4/14 7:29 Pm Post/Octavia Officers working in plain clothes were driving in the above area. They observed an individual that they recognized from prior incidents and arrests. The subject tried to open the door of a vehicle. The subject seemed to notice the unmarked police car and began to walk away. The subject was not carrying anything and had nothing in his hands. The officers passed the subject, circled the block, and came around upon the subject again. The subject was now carrying a laptop computer and several chargers for electronics. The officers identified themselves and detained the subject. The officers ran a computer check on the subject and noticed that he was on probation for auto burglary with a search condition. The subject was holding a laptop bag. The officer searched the bag and found a name and phone number of the victim on the laptop. The subject spontaneously stated “I found it in the grass, people leave stuff lying around all the time”. The officers were able to find the victim vehicle and notify him of the incident. The victim was able to identify his property. The subject was booked at County Jail.

Methamphetamine Offense, Possession of Stolen Property, Possession of Narcotics Paraphernalia, California Vehicle Code Arrest, 2/4/14 8:17 Pm Eddy/Larkin Officers saw a male riding a bike without a light, during the hours of darkness. The officers stopped the subject and ran a computer check on the male. Dispatch returned saying the subject was on probation with a search condition. The officers searched the male. In his pocket was a gum wrapper with something inside. These veteran officers know that subject sometimes conceal narcotics in gum wrappers. The officer opened the gum wrapper and found suspected methamphetamine powder. The subject was arrested. A further search of the male revealed a checkbook in another person’s name. The officers were able to contact the victim. The victim said that his checkbook had been stolen in an auto burglary. A field test on the suspected Meth was positive. The subject and all involved property in this incident were booked accordingly.

Malicious Mischief, Vandalism to Property, Under the Influence of Alcohol in Public, Trespassing Arrest, 2/5/14 1:40 Am 2100 Block of Vallejo Officers were called to this area regarding a subject who was seen in the area breaking into a school. Officers detained the male. He exhibited signs and symptoms of alcohol consumption. The subject had an unsteady gait, odor of alcoholic beverages on his breath and persons and dazed bloodshot, watery eyes. Officers met with the witness who told them that he watched as the subject grabbed a three foot long piece of wood and smash the glass front door of the school with it. Officers contacted the responsible person for the school who arrived and secured the door. Officers took photos of the damage. Officers arrested the subject and transported him to Northern Station where he was booked. Officers will attempt to recover video footage of the incident in the next few days.

Traffic Violation, Methamphetamine Offense, Warrant Arrest, 2/9/14 11:37Pm Turk/Polk Officers on uniformed patrol in the above area observed a male subject riding his bicycle on the sidewalk. The subject was riding fast and cutting in and out of bar/restaurant patrons and people walking on the sidewalk. Officers stopped the subject. He had no identification but gave the officers his name verbally. The subject had several warrants for his arrest. An arrest search of the subject revealed a large bag of methamphetamine in his front pocket. The subject spontaneously yelled, “These pants aren’t mine, I don’t know what that is”. The subject was booked at Northern Station. A field test of the meth was positive.

Burglary other Building, Unlawful Entry, Bicycle Theft Arrest, 2/9/14 10:44 Am 500 Block of Grove St. Officers were called to a residence regarding a homeowner who discovered a subject in his garage stealing bicycles. The subject fled and the homeowner was following him. The subject boarded a Muni bus, but the bus was stopped and waiting to continue its route. Officers were able to detain the subject without further incident. A witness stated that there may have been another male working with the subject to burglarize the garage. The owner reported several items missing. The subject was booked at Northern Station. Warrant Arrest, 2/15/14 4:30Am 2000 Block of Lombard St. Officers were called to the area regarding a male subject “going crazy”. The caller said that the subject that was wearing only underwear, jumping around, kicking walls, yelling, and trying to eat a pillow. When the officers, arrived the hotel manager unlocked the door and allowed the officers in to check on the subject. When the officers entered the subject was asleep on the floor. The officers woke him up and had him medically evaluated by SFFD medics. The officers ran a computer check on the subject and he had a felony probation violation warrant. The subject was booked at Northern Station.

Grand Theft Auto, Driving with a Suspended/Revoked License, 2/15/14 11:25 Pm 1900 Block of California St. Officers received a call for service regarding a well being check of a male who had “passed out”, behind the wheel of a running vehicle. Officers arrived and were able to wake up the subject and safely remove him from the vehicle. They checked the license plates and ran a computer check on the vehicle identification number. The VIN returned to a stolen vehicle. The license plates did not match the vehicle. The vehicle was released to its owner and the subject was booked at Northern Station.

Hot Prowl Burglary, Forcible Entry, Aggravated Assault W/ Other Weapon, Warrant Arrest, 2/15/14 3:23 Am 100 Block of Gough St. Officers were called to a fight in progress at a restaurant on the 100 block of Gough St. As the officers arrived, they saw a male holding a crowbar in one hand, and holding another subject by the collar in his other hand. Officers detained the subjects and asked them what was happening. The victim told officers that he was working in the restaurant when he heard loud cracking sounds coming from the kitchen area. The victim went to investigate. As he entered the kitchen he saw the subject inside and looking around the kitchen area. The victim approached the subject. The subject raised a crowbar above his head and tried to hit the victim with it. The victim told police that his abdomen was nearly hit with the weapon. The victim was able to grab a hold of the subject and disarm him. The victim called police and held onto the subject until police arrived. The subject was booked at Northern Station.