Cabin on Polk Street open for business.

IMG_3888    A new venue on Polk, Cabin located at 1750 Polk St. (between Clay & Washington) opened it’s doors on New Years Eve, this is the former Bigfoot lodge location. I was lucky enough to get a peek preview of the interior & I must say, I think I might have just found my new local hangout in my neighborhood. Cabin owners, David Zimmerman & Adam Croyle have gone to great lengths to create a very rustic cabin feel & look. While keeping some of the original log cabin walls, they completely redid the back bar, with sheet metal walls & illuminated shelves. The famous Sasquatch is no longer standing over the patrons. The bar was never a large space to begin with, but now it has a a more roomy feel to it. While going for & getting a very 49ers cabin rustic look, I then noticed the 12 HDTV’s located through out the bar. While off they were well kinda very unnoticeable. The first thing that popped through my head was the Niners playoff game on Sunday. Middle Polkers did not really have a good spot to watch the games, with regards to any sporting event. We had to venture down to McTeagues, which is a great Bar, or up to Greens sports bar. Yes I know there are other venues with TV’s but when you think about it, only a few pop out as through sports bars. While Cabin is not going for that full sports bar thing, it has certainly inadvertently pulled it off with out degrading the ascetics of the Cabin look.

 The drinks menu has a fine selec1520702_641412632588497_309904558_ntion of whiskeys & some traditional cocktails with a twist. I being a bourbon drinker was very impressed with their selection and was told it will steadily be added too. The back bar is very impressive to say the least. I looks & feels clean & the back booth area really does blend in well. This is a fine addition to the their neighbors Amelie Wine bar & 1760 restaurant. They open daily from noon to close, a little earlier on the weekends & yes they will open for football. They have a happy hour from noon to 7pm – Mon to Fri, $2 off their Menu Cocktails & $1 off everything else.