Police Blotter.

Northern Station Newsletter
Captain Greg McEachern

Cocaine Base/Rock, Possession for Sales, Loitering Where Narcotics are Sold/Used, Conspiracy Arrest, 5/1/14 12:37 Am
Officers on uniformed patrol in the above area noticed two males who were “hanging out” in the area, known for narcotics use and sales. Drug dealers generally work in pairs to avoid being arrested with drugs and money, and also to avoid being robbed by other dealers. The officers watched as the subjects made numerous hand to hand narcotics sales transactions. The officers got out of their patrol car and observed the subjects a bit longer. They heard a loud whistle go off, which someone blew to alert criminals that police were present. The subjects left the area. Officers subsequently checked the area for the subjects throughout the evening. They found the same two subjects later on in the evening. The officers were watching them and observed one subject throw a wadded up piece of paper on the ground. The officers approached the subjects and detained them. One officer retrieved the wadded up piece of paper and found several off white rocks of suspected crack cocaine inside. The subjects were arrested. The second subject had a large amount of money in small denominations stuffed into his pockets. A search of the second subject revealed a large folding knife in his pocket.
Officers transported the subjects to Northern Station. They located a certified Spanish speaking officer and were able to get names of the subjects from them. Officer’s field tested the narcotics, and they tested positive for cocaine. The money was seized and all items of evidence were booked into custody. The subjects were booked at Northern Station.

Possession of Stolen Property, Possession of Burglary Tools, Probation Violation Arrest, 5/3/14 4:52 Am Buchannan/Pacific
Officers responded to the above area regarding an auto boost that had just occurred. They met with the witness, who is employed as a security guard in the area. He saw an unknown subject break the window of a Toyota Prius. The security guard yelled at the subject and he fled in an unknown direction. The guard finished his “rounds” at his building. Officers arrived and began to search or the subject. Officers searching the area found two females hiding behind bushes in proximity to the boosted vehicle. The officers noticed a set of ski goggles, a flashlight and a set of “shaved” keys. Criminals use “shaved” keys to attempt to unlocked vehicles and steal belongings from inside, or steal the vehicle itself. Officers ran a computer check on the subjects and discovered that they both were on probation for auto burglary. The subjects said that they don’t have a car, but live in Daly City. They said that they were visiting a friend who lived nearby, but they could not provide an address for this “friend”. Officers searched the subjects and found common items that are typically used to break auto glass. Officers checked the Toyota and discovered that it had been rifled through. The box in the backseat contained items of snow gear, which were strewn about the backseat and outside the car. The security guard told the officers that the subjects weren’t the ones that broke the car’s window. He did say that they “were around it” after the glass was broken. Due to the fact that the subjects were on probation for auto burglary, they had items in their possession that are commonly used to commit auto burglary, the time of evening, and the attempt to hide from the officers, and the ski goggles near them, the subjects were handcuffed and transported to Northern Station. Officers were able to get in touch with the owners of the Toyota and they came to the station and identified the stolen items that the subjects had. The subjects were booked on the above charges at County Jail.

Malicious Mischief, Vandalism to Vehicle Arrest, 5/4//14 12:55 Am 2000 Block of Chestnut St.
A group of three men had been escorted out of one of the local bars. The bar’s bouncer watched as one of them jumped from the sidewalk onto the hood of a nearby parked vehicle. The hood partially caved in, (due to his body weight) causing a high dollar amount of damage. The bouncer detained the male and called police. When the officers arrived they conducted their investigation and arrested the subject. The subject spontaneously stated, “I’m really drunk and I fell on the car”. He was booked at Northern Station.

Theft From Locked Vehicle, Conspiracy, Probation Violation Arrest, 5/4/14 12:45 Pm Steiner/Geary
Dispatch sent officers to the above area regarding an auto burglary. Dispatch gave the officers the two male subject’s description, victim vehicle information, and direction of flight. Dispatch also reported to the officers that the subjects were carrying a yellow bag. The officers responded to the location and quickly had one of the two subjects detained. They recognized him from numerous prior auto burglary related arrests. The witness told officers that they would be able to identify the subject(s). A “cold show” was performed and the witness was positive that the officer and the correct burglar. The witness told officers exactly where the crime occurred and which vehicle was “boosted”. Officers ran the license plate on the Acura. They were able to get in contact with the owner of the car. The owner responded to the scene and told officers that her yellow purse had been stolen from the car. The second subject got away with the stolen purse. The first subject was booked at Northern Station.

Assault, W/ Chemical to Injure or Disfigure, 5/6/14 9:00 Am 400 Block of Hayes
Officers were called to the above area regarding an assault with pepper spray. Officers met with the victim who told them the following.  He said that he was going to work and legally parked his motorcycle in a motorcycle parking spot with a meter. Out of nowhere an unknown subject approached him and said, “You can’t park here, you’re a piece of #$%@ for parking here!”. The victim told the subject that he was in an approved motorcycle parking spot and that he will feed the meter. Then the victim said, “There is something else going on in your life and you are taking it out on me”. The subject was enraged and put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a bottle of pepper spray. The victim could see that he was about to get pepper sprayed, so he put the wind visor of his helmet down. The subject sprayed the victim for about 20 seconds. The victim got on his bike and drove away to avoid further problems and called police. The victim did not have any complaint of pain. Officers looked for witnesses and found the owner of a nearby business. The witness said that he often has problems with the subject and the subject harasses his employees for some unknown reason. Several other people (neighbors), approached officers and told them that they are having “problems” with the subject. The victim told officers that he wanted to press charges, and he signed a citizen’s arrest form. Officers met with the subject, who said that the victim just started swearing and threatening him for no reason. He said that he used the pepper spray in self defense. The victim and multiple independent witnesses disagreed. Officers handcuffed the male, recovered the can of spray from his pocket, and later booked him at Northern Station.

Reckless Evasion of Police Officer, Resisting, Delaying Obstructing, Police Ofc. in Their Duties, Possession of Stolen Property, Warrant Arrest, 5/7/14 5:00 Am Buchannan/Pine
Officers were dispatched to an auto burglary in progress. Dispatch provided them with a vehicle description. The found and checked the Jeep, which appeared undamaged. The officers were approached by a witness who said that she saw two males in the area earlier. She gave a description of the males and their car. She said that she believes that the car is associated with auto break in’s. As officers searched for the vehicle, they were flagged down by another citizen. The witness had called dispatch to make a noise complaint. He said that there were two suspicious men using power tools on the copper piping of a house in the area. The witness gave a subject description and said that he would be able to identify them if seen again. An ambulance stopped near the officers and notified them that as the officers drove up with lights and sirens on, the ambulance driver saw two subjects duck behind a vehicle. He pointed out the vehicle. Officers looked and saw as a subject darted away from the vehicle and run from the officers. One officer ran after the subject and the other drove after him. The officers announced themselves and ordered the subject to stop running; he continued. The subject got into a similar vehicle as described earlier in the story. He fled from the officers, running red lights and driving without disregard for anyone. Officers discontinued their pursuit for public safety reasons. Assisting officers spotted the vehicle again several minutes later. They pulled the car over, and the subjects did not run this time. Original officers arrive on scene and were able to positively identify the subject in the car as the same one that ran from them. The officer had the witness perform a cold show; and he was able to identify both subjects as the same ones he saw cutting copper from his neighbor’s home. The vehicle had numerous stolen items, burglary tools, and chopped up copper piping inside. The subjects were transported to Northern Station. Officers made notifications to Station Investigative Team Inspectors. They knew about a series of copper thefts throughout the city and were working on tying these subjects to the additional thefts. They were booked at Northern Station.

Warrant Arrest, Enroute to Outside Jurisdiction, 5/7/14 11:30 Am Polk/O’Farrell
Officers responded to the above area on a well being check of a female in a floral print dress walking through moving traffic. The officers located the female as she was walking down the street with one foot on the sidewalk and one stepping down into the street. Officers tried to talk to her but she refused. They tried to get her to sit down and talk with them. She yanked her arm away from them. She was handcuffed. She had no identification but, gave the officers a name. A computer check returned “no match” on the name. Officers were forced to transport her to Northern Station to run her fingerprint through the fingerprint identification computer. At the station she told officers her true name and that she has an active no bail warrant out of Los Angeles. The officers confirmed the warrant and she was booked at County Jail.

Warrant Arrest, 5/9/14 5:20 Pm Divisadero/Lombard
Officers responded to a possible assault in the above area. The female caller described the subject as very large with a heavy build. Upon the officer’s arrival, they located a person who matched the description and clothing of the person involved. He told the officers that he hadn’t done anything wrong and that they should “Leave him alone”. The officers could not locate the victim at this time.
They had dispatch call the victim back, but she refused to return to the scene. An assisting officer met with her one block away. She told them that she exited her car and was standing next to her car when the subject approached her and began to swear and yell at her for no reason. The victim said that her husband was holding their baby, and the subject began to approach him. The subject began to point his finger at the victim’s husband. The subject was yelling but she could not understand exactly what he was saying. They werescared due to the out of control, large angry man, and the presence of their child. They began to walk away and called 911. They got away without further incident. They said that they did not want to press any charges. Officers ran a computer check on the male and found an active vandalism warrant for $10,000. He was booked at Northern Station.

Possession of Stolen Property, Theft From Locked Vehicle Arrest, 5/12/14 5:46 Am Hemlock/Polk
Officers were called to another auto burglary in progress. As they approached the area they were discreetly flagged down by a witness. He pointed to a female subject that was walking away from the officers at a quick pace. The officers detained the female. The victim told them that she and a male subject had stolen two of his cell phones from the vehicle. The officers searched the female and found to cell phones. The victim positively identified the phones as his. Officers returned the phones to him due to him not having them would be a hardship, as they were needed for his work. The witness told officers that the male subject was the one that actually boosted the vehicle. The female told officers that she was just “holding” the phones for him. He was not located. The female was booked at County Jail.

Robbery Att. W/ Force, Trespassing Arrest, 5/13/14 5:15 Pm 2100 Block of Polk St.
Officers were called to a business in the above area regarding a customer screaming and throwing beverages at other customers and employees. Officers spoke with the store manager who told them the following. The manager said that the subject was refusing to leave the store. The manger told him to leave or he will call police. As the manager placed the call, the subject tried to steal the phone from him, actually punching him in the face. Officers gave clothing description and direction of travel to assisting officers. They spoke to other witnesses and employees. One employee told them that the subject came in and asked for water. They gave him some water. The subject sat down, mumbled things under his breath and talked to himself. Periodically the subject would search the garbage cans and eat and drink discarded food/beverages. This is when he was politely asked to leave. The subject refused and went wild. Assisting officers were able to locate the subject and detain him. The manager was positive that the officers had the correct person detained, and he wanted the subject to be arrested. The subject was booked at Northern Station. Officers got the manger medical attention for his split lip.